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  1. virvil

    Free Art: doing some requests!

    last time i did one of these it was p fun for why not jump into the new year with another one to spread the good vibes around. i'm doing this pick and choose style for designs that jump out at me, sorry if i don't ever get around to yours. however! in order to potentially get a request you have...
  2. virvil

    Free Art: taking some requests

    i've been feeling the need to practice my furry art so what better way than to spread a lil love with a few requests this isn't so much of a first come first serve as it is if i like the design i'll take a crack at drawing it. pls don't feel bad if i don't get around to yours! i'm also up for...
  3. virvil

    hello hello

    hey yall whats up im new to the forums and super nervous but one of my resolutions was to try and socialize more! you can call me virvil which is some nonsensical username name i came up with waaaaay back when on neopets. im 23 & work taking care of my mom. my hobbies are sewing ( im more of a...