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  1. Overlord Pony

    Hiring: Looking for Custom Design [max ~$50]

    hi! i'm looking to commission a custom design from someone. i have around 50USD to spend, although i would prefer to spend less if at all possible! (i can also convert this money into points or another virtual currency if you would prefer) i am looking for a design that is one of the following...
  2. Overlord Pony

    Hiring: Need 30 Feral Cat Arts

    hi! i'm not going to be picking an artist until i have a more solid grasp on what the gods look like in my head and their mythology ^^ it'll probably be a couple weeks or so!
  3. Overlord Pony

    Hiring: Need 30 Feral Cat Arts

    i'm making a cat roleplay site and i'd really like some quality artwork of the god cats! there are roughly 30 gods, and i have about a paragraph of written description of each along with pinterest boards. they're all cats and may have wings / horns / multiple legs / etc, and i'd like them all to...
  4. Overlord Pony

    MLP Majestic Horse YCH

    ends in four hours! :3
  5. Overlord Pony

    MLP Majestic Horse YCH

    CLICK HERE | CLICK HERE | CLICK HERE any pony race! any gender! comes with a fully-shaded, detailed background SB: 25 USD MI: 1 USD AB: 150 USD +15 USD for extra character bids can be placed here
  6. Overlord Pony

    Taking Requests

    hi! i'm taking requests, anthro or feral, and i'm hoping to get some background practice in too. :3 i have a journal up here: taking requests -- overlordpony's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net