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  1. Monak

    Iron Artist: 10 slots open

    I am trying to raise some funds for a trip I am taking next month so I have expanded the field of commission types I am offering for my Iron Artist Challenge. For more details see journal: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1713686/
  2. Monak

    Digital Portraits: $15-$30

    So I am offering 8 slots for highly detailed digital portraits. I am offering two types. The first would be like this: A monochromatic digital sketch that is fully detailed- $15 The Second offer: A fully colored and fully detailed digital painting- $30 If you would like to fill a...
  3. Monak

    OPEN: Ten $5 Ink slots

    If you are interested note me or comment here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1459276/
  4. Monak

    Tyra Banks Show

    First rule of Fight Club?
  5. Monak


    The Dethalbum II is out September 8th and Season three is coming in October
  6. Monak


    Just throwing it out there, Season 3 and The Dethalbum II are coming this fall.
  7. Monak


    All I will say is that we will stop evolving by any great means. A species only evolves out of necessity , and our lives are nothing but convenience. Though I have always felt the third world may evolve into something different then us as they are still forced to survive. Edit: I meant to...
  8. Monak

    Dragon in need of help

    The job market is hard as hell to get into right now. It has been bad here in Maine for about four years now. Hell I Just got a job with base pay after being able to get nothing but all commission jobs for the past two years. New job is awesome , making 2 grand a month plus commissions , and...
  9. Monak

    Anyone not feeling Christmas?

    I think I may have been dumped........ though she hasn't come right out and said it. That was my christmas.
  10. Monak

    what makes you feel anger and how do u let it all out?

    Everything , and I let it out by not being polite. If someone pisses me off they know about it right then and there. I bottled shit up for too long when I was younger. Its not healthy , best to just get it done and over with and fore go the stress.
  11. Monak

    What you got for the holidays

    I love how people who are from families that make 40k a year call themselves poor. Poor is growing up in a home that makes under 15K a year with two other siblings to compete with.
  12. Monak

    What you got for the holidays

    A broken heart..................... Thats it. Though I did make over 300 dollars on a 20 hour work week at my new job. Also won 6 attendance points today in the christmas raffle. So I have like two extra days I can miss of work and not get in trouble for when ever I don't feel up to it.
  13. Monak

    Professional Commissions.

    Nylak I am definately putting you on my list of artists to commission when I start getting paid from my new job. You are quite the talent.
  14. Monak


    My family either will call me lumpy or fuck face. It really depends on how they feel like degrading me.
  15. Monak

    *Drives up in a dune buggy.*

    Where is the suicide bomber role player when you need one.........?
  16. Monak

    Bad Kitty!

    Some cats really love that. I had one who loved you to do it on his sides.
  17. Monak

    Sleep Paralysis.

    It is believed to be the reason behind the alien abduction phenomenon because of the sensations and hallucinations that are accompanied by it. When you wake half way and you are frozen or almost feel like you are floating on top of the feeling of being watched they believe your mind is...
  18. Monak

    are you still pure?

    By the standards set I don't think it does. After all according to kids these days oral sex isn't sex.
  19. Monak

    favorite chocolate?

  20. Monak

    An urgent read for all IE users.

    If the come for your computer sever your penis and throw it at them thusly! That should scare even the most evil computer hacker off.