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  1. Alex Cross

    Well now look at this.

    If you pay me $10, I will create an account for you for no charge.
  2. Alex Cross

    White Screen

    I just don't see what the big deal is. There's a door outside. All you need to open it and -- HOLY SHIT IT BURNS.
  3. Alex Cross

    Article Subcategory

    Yeah, but that becomes dangerously close to blogging and journal-writing, and FA already has journals.
  4. Alex Cross

    Article Subcategory

    Under Readable Art, there should be a subcategory for Articles. I write a lot of essays and articles, but they don't fit under poetry or story.
  5. Alex Cross

    FA Widget?

    A good FA widget would include a thumbnail of an artist's most recent submission and people can click on it. Only problem would be bandwidth.
  6. Alex Cross

    Ummm... tagging people

    FA also has a nice Wiki page that lists all the available codes.
  7. Alex Cross

    New Site Design?

    Meko, I can be a lot more specific in my critique if you want to PM me. I'm one of those web designer geeks that can go overboard in TMI talk. I'd rather talk about your design (in length) privately. As I see it, the future of design is complete minimalism with simplified structure. You look at...
  8. Alex Cross

    Evolution of Your Fursona

    Here is my evolution: Duck (1991-2002) Orca (2002-2004) Lion (2004-present)
  9. Alex Cross

    Musicians: Post your latest song submission!

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2469760 This is the shortened version of the song. I have the full version if anyone's interested.
  10. Alex Cross

    What if you opened a door and saw your fursona right there in front of you?

    I'd give my fursona a high-five, invite him inside and jam all night long.
  11. Alex Cross

    New Site Design?

    The color scheme is very effeminate and the design is not free-flowing or intuitive. Consume less bandwidth by having a simple black on white logo. Instead of the paw, have an original icon (to the left of the logo) that uses Fender's likeness. The paw icon/logo is used too much in the fandom...
  12. Alex Cross

    How long does it take you to write something?

    It depends. For my current story series, Ninja Cat, it takes about a week per chapter, but I have plenty of chapters.
  13. Alex Cross

    What if your multipart story has different ratings (all, mature/adult) for each part?

    Re: What if your multipart story has different ratings (all, mature/adult) for each p I have my stories rated Mature for the most part. I only venture into Adult if there is obscene language or sexual scenes in the chapter.
  14. Alex Cross

    I have a question...

    The music. Misery never inspires me to write songs.
  15. Alex Cross

    Meet the Admins - Xaerun and Warmock

    Congrats to both of you. My spies...
  16. Alex Cross

    New Forum Server - June

    vBulletin is fine. The next major version update will supposedly run even smoother with FastCGI. By the way, want to talk about server stress testers, Invision is worse and their lack of quality technical support doesn't help either.
  17. Alex Cross

    Removing Repetitive Threads

    I believe that the FA forum moderators should be more vigilant in closing threads that are forum games (I understand there's a section dedicated to those threads), "memes," and threads that are repetitive in nature (topics that were previously brought up). I click on "The Den," look at the...
  18. Alex Cross

    Will the Commission Pages Ever Be Fixed?

    You can always use your journal to update your commission status and do some copy-pasta in the meantime.
  19. Alex Cross

    Musicians: Post your latest song submission!

    Santa Monica Way - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2271076 I've jumped into the mainstream sound more and this is a song that was a breakthrough for me. I had a writer's block for a while and when I wrote the song, everything fell into place. I'm very happy with it.
  20. Alex Cross

    It seems that nobody cares about the bass guitar anymore

    Bass is still an integral part of rock music. Most music, in fact, nowadays has a lot of treble and not enough bass to balance the sound and make it richer.