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  1. fruitmeats

    Looking to Trade! [Closed]

    Hi! I've been kind of itching to do some art trading so uh, why not come to the forums? I will probably only do one or two at the moment (I will edit this post when I choose) so please don't take it personally if I don't choose you! I'm pretty versatile when it comes to character subject...
  2. fruitmeats

    Loose Style Commissions (open)

    These are Loose, so level of neatness may vary but they will be very clean. Complicated or complex forms/clothes/designs Might be simplified, but I am able to work with you if you'd like something specific kept precise. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I will update this post...
  3. fruitmeats

    Somethin' To Do

    Hi everyone I remade my FA after a long time of inactivity for a fresh start! I'll be adding more work to my gallery but in the meantime I'd love to take some requests. Just a few at a time for me to do when I have some free time or between other projects! My Gallery Commissions take priority...