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  1. vivatheshadows


    Just wondering is there any movie that you want to see that is out or coming out? I went and saw Star Trek so im all excited from it sooo yeahh. I also want to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
  2. vivatheshadows

    Are you prepared when a Zombie Apocalypse occurs?

    i can shoot a quarter from 150 yards, clear a jam and clean a gun so i have some understanding of weaponry. But i'd rather a machete...AIM FOR THE HEAD!!!!! I'd prolly die instantly...
  3. vivatheshadows

    How did you meet your otherhalf? Or are you still looking for your special otherhalf?

    Re: How did you meet your otherhalf? Or are you still looking for your special otherh ROOM FOR ONE MORE?!!! ------- anywayz... i met my Girlfriend after she came back from Utah, we had gone through kindergarten all the way to High Skool. We've always liked each other and just fell into a...
  4. vivatheshadows

    what are your hobbies?

    playing the guitar smoking Drow Eating sleeping fucking
  5. vivatheshadows

    The joke clown joke...

    well, that was...wow...Christopher Walken's voice is the best (to me) for this one. but i want those 30 seconds back dammit! ehh i'd probably waste em anyway...
  6. vivatheshadows

    What's the stpuidist thing you've ever done when drunk?

    Hi, my name is Viva, I've been an Alcoholic for 16 years. I used to go down to the Rite-Aid and suck the Alcohol out of the Stridex pads for a fix.
  7. vivatheshadows

    Location: *complete BS*

    but i am seriously "anywhere everywhere and nowhere at the same time" ...Acid is a helluva drug
  8. vivatheshadows

    Good Examples:

    Lucifer should fit in here somewhere i mean without him God would probably kill himself from boredom... oh! AND Tony Iommi, his heavy riffs are what Heavy Metal is founded on.
  9. vivatheshadows

    What's the stpuidist thing you've ever done when drunk?

    woke up in a ditch on a back road leading into the next town over.
  10. vivatheshadows

    Good Examples:

    Was he a good Carpenter? thats the shit I wanna know... anyways What about Jimmy Page? his blazing riffs have given us Metal, that is worth some merit i think
  11. vivatheshadows


    Same here Rytes but i gotta agree with you, I dont really care for my mother...
  12. vivatheshadows


    naw just your mom, btw get her to stop calling me as well. --- Chronic Blinking Chronic Breathing Ive tried to quit them both but it is DAMN hard! anyway Chronic Yiffing Chronic smoking OF Chronic Chronic Fucking of Placebos mom [jk] I also put EVERY guitar pick i have in my mouth whenever...
  13. vivatheshadows

    What are your most favorite weapons?

    Your Typewriter? your CHICAGO Typewriter?
  14. vivatheshadows

    I'm in love with a 12 year old....

    alcohol is good and fine, only if you've some Ecstasy and some weed, bitches...
  15. vivatheshadows

    What are your most favorite weapons?

    i gotta say an AK-47, the best Assault Rifle to have ever been produced. But I would LOVE to have an old Thompson M1A1 Sub Machine gun as well as a Browning Automatic Rifle.
  16. vivatheshadows

    Allergy Season

    Sacrifice a goat and pray to Oden
  17. vivatheshadows

    Who's met / been close to someone famous here?

    shared an elevator ride with Ozzy in Reno once
  18. vivatheshadows

    Proof that Twilight is EVIL

    Thank you. Twilight is not a real series of books, hell even Stephen King say it sucks ass. What is so appealing about these books? and why do idiots get so worked up over it?
  19. vivatheshadows

    Do furries wish for a simpler life like their animal brethren?

    well yeah, when the stress gets at me i do. Yet there are too many fun things to do as a human
  20. vivatheshadows

    Who's the REAL Worst Band?

    "JUDAS!!!!!!" if you get that then i applaud you, as for the rest...