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  1. Alex Cross

    Article Subcategory

    Under Readable Art, there should be a subcategory for Articles. I write a lot of essays and articles, but they don't fit under poetry or story.
  2. Alex Cross

    Removing Repetitive Threads

    I believe that the FA forum moderators should be more vigilant in closing threads that are forum games (I understand there's a section dedicated to those threads), "memes," and threads that are repetitive in nature (topics that were previously brought up). I click on "The Den," look at the...
  3. Alex Cross

    One Fandom Criticizing Another: Kotaku Mocks Furries

    One Fandom Criticizing Another: Kotaku (Members) Mocks Furries Here's the article in Kotaku with all the BAWWWW comments. I read Dragoneer's FA journal about it and he brought it up, made some good points. Dragoneer wrote, "I find this particularly funny. If you were to actually do a...
  4. Alex Cross

    Most Viewed, Most Responded etc.

    Right now, FurAffinity's front page consists of all recent submissions, but the problem is that there's such a constant stream of submissions, any noteworthy submissions are pushed into their respected category when people browse through. By noteworthy, I'm talking about submissions that...
  5. Alex Cross

    Inline MP3 Player Button on Front Page

    Under, "Music," there should be the thumbnail of the submission and right underneath the thumbnail should be a play button like this. Right now, people don't have an idea about the song. They can only go by the thumbnail. By embedding a Flash MP3 button underneath the thumbnail, that would...
  6. Alex Cross

    Furries Need to Stop Whining

    I decided to make a forum post about this because I've already received countless FA journal entries about the banner despite the fact that the banner is now gone. I didn't want to contribute to the whining. People, you can't get sensitive over every little thing on the Internet. It's...
  7. Alex Cross

    Looking for music to listen to!

    It's getting to a point where I get tired of listening to my own stuff. I want to listen to some pop and rock artists on FA so if you can, post a link to your gallery so I can listen and provide some critique. After listening to some of the recent song submissions, I know many of you are out there!
  8. Alex Cross

    Alex Cross Guide to Songwriting

    Yes, the thread title is rather ambiguous, I know, but this is an open-ended guide that will grow as I receive input from others and contribute some additional thoughts later down the line, but I'm going to start the guide with some simple pointers. Songwriters can only write the best songs...
  9. Alex Cross

    A Question For Ya

    Would you play at a furry convention that booked bands for events or if they had an "open mic" event? If you wouldn't go, explain what kind of motivation or incentive you'd need in order to attend that particular convention event.
  10. Alex Cross

    Renting a Ventrilo Server

    I'm actively considering hosting a Ventrilo server for members of the furry community. For $10/month, I can get a Ventrilo server that hosts up to 50 people with free additional webspace and if the servers are popular, I can have people donate so that I can add extra slots so that more people...
  11. Alex Cross

    Finally got a FA account...

    Hey guys, this is Alex Cross from Yiffy.net and Yiffstar. How's it going?