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  1. Farel

    Are comics considered artwork or writing?

    I feel a bit confused by something. This isn't to advocate for a change of any kind, perhaps just answer some of my confusion: For years, I've been uploading my comic to the site, and always using the "Artwork (digital)" category for it, but throughout all these years, I noticed that people...
  2. Farel

    Combustion - nostalgic PSone style game

    Hello, for the past time, I've been part of a video game project led by a friend. It is quite a fun game inspired by the likes of FF7 or Metal Gear Solid. There's a demo out there for it, along with a Kickstarter to get the full game made. The tiers involving your character being put into the...
  3. Farel

    Returning to this place... kind of

    Hello. I've been on this site for long, but never really use the forums, so I've stuck to my old nick "johntheronso", but this is my new one, it's been for quite some time and I figured it'd be best to register myself anew here and here I am :) For those who want to check out my page, here it...