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  1. Fopfox

    Increase security in furry breakrooms

    Maybe it would be like stealing the skull of a hated enemy and you'd place it on your (It'd have to be massive) bookshelf and stare up at it at night. And then eventually it starts talking...
  2. Fopfox


    Equal height is always ideal. For men, I prefer slightly taller; for women I prefer slightly shorter.
  3. Fopfox

    Does the perfect mate exist?

    Not really, there's compromises that have to be made and ultimately, that's okay so long as you only change so much as you're willing and they accept that. My partner is on the total opposite end of the political spectrum for example and I'm madly in love.
  4. Fopfox

    The Redwall Series

    It's okay as a kid, but I don't think it really got creative enough and as a result once you're past a certain age you just can't enjoy it. I felt that Brian Jacques didn't really treat kids as capable of enjoying dynamic stories as they can and basically just retold the same thing with the same...
  5. Fopfox

    Are all furries animal people?

    There's some furry species I like but I don't like the respective animal. I'm pretty sure I'd hate foxes if I lived in an area that had them. I certainly hate raccoons and they're basically the same urban niche except they've got hands.
  6. Fopfox

    What's for Dinner, Furbabes?

    Pasta with italian sausage, herbs, and vegetables (Red peppers and green onions this time) It's my standard. Fresh, delicious, but incredibly easy to make.
  7. Fopfox

    Why do furries discrimante?

    Ya'll fuckin' pretenders. One time I knocked down a hipster on the curb downtown cause he tried selling me his band's CD. #ICanLiftBro #GreatestDayOfMyLife
  8. Fopfox

    How did you find the fandom?

    Made fun of them. Then it turned out all mai waifus and husbandros were furry characters. Whoops.
  9. Fopfox

    new friends needed, please and thank meow :3

    That's the best part...
  10. Fopfox


    No, I'd rather be immortal and find myself 1,000 years from now constantly switching between Furaffinity and E621 tabs late at night. ...Wow, that's depressing...
  11. Fopfox

    Is buying kid's picture books for the furry art creepy?

    It's pretty weird, not gonna lie. There's worse things you could be doing though. A better lie would be a present for your nephew. There's less of a direct connection to you so you won't potentially get railroaded into a conversation about your child.
  12. Fopfox

    Advice for something that happened at a party?

    Best to leave it, doesn't sound like she's worth it. You're young, there will be other girls in the future. There'll likely be other heartbreaks as well, but that is a part of life. Do something productive but fun to keep your mind off it. If you've got a hobby, now would be the time to put...
  13. Fopfox

    Really shitty dreams you think are real

    Meant to post this in General Discussion. Sorry.
  14. Fopfox

    Really shitty dreams you think are real

    I used to have issues with sleepwalking and sleep paralysis. The former of which, I would actually dream about the sleepwalking session while doing it, and of course, the latter is basically a waking dream/nightmare, usually the latter. Lately though, I have had normal dreams, but I have an...
  15. Fopfox

    how are you doing today

    Fuck. Stayed up late enough to realize my supreme fuck-up did not cause too much damage and I will not be fired.
  16. Fopfox

    how are you doing today

    I picked the wrong day to cut back on drinking
  17. Fopfox

    How do You Cope with the Negative Stigma of being a Furry?

    I know once Canadian furry who ordered from them once. Everything went well and he was satisfied with the product but it got help up in customs and he had to explain what the "Silicone Sculptures" were.
  18. Fopfox

    How do You Cope with the Negative Stigma of being a Furry?

    Please tell me the mystical ways in which you summon otherworldly animal penis to suck.
  19. Fopfox

    How do You Cope with the Negative Stigma of being a Furry?

    Don't cope. Don't need to. I make fun of furries plenty of times even though I'm one, so whatever.
  20. Fopfox

    Really great laws that are still in effect

    I've noticed that some of these laws repeat themselves when they're retold; I think several are urban legends as a result. I've seen the "It's illegal to shoot any game from a moving vehicle, except for Whales," law applied to California, Tennessee, and Alberta. Now, I'm pretty sure ships count...