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  1. All#the#fuR


    What teams did you join, what level are you, what is your highest cp, what's your rarest Pokemon?
  2. All#the#fuR

    I need help

    I have been kicked out of my house and I can't really say anything because I don't know where to start. I am really scared abd if I go to anyone I knows house the cops will screw everything up. I don't know what to do...
  3. All#the#fuR

    Furaffinity Forums app?????

    Ok I'm sorry If you clicked on this and you thought that there was a app... There isn't.... *big sigh* I have been thinking about this for a LONG time and I thought finally I should post to see what you ass holes think. Should they make a Furaffinity/Furafinity Forums app. I think honestly that...
  4. All#the#fuR


    Omg I love this game!!!! Just wondering if anyone else likes it. Also what are you favorite characters? I love Mercy and D.va
  5. All#the#fuR

    Watch two people fight for your own entertainment

    (Insert bad idea)
  6. All#the#fuR

    looking for furs In Wisconsin

    I really don't k'm ow.any other furs in my area and its getting really boring. If your in Wisconsin hit me up X3