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  1. Zenoth

    COPPA and Furry Youtube

    Figured this was worth sharing here due to the implications it could have for furry youtubers. Apparently with new youtube guidlines coming soon, when it comes to labeling videos... youtube itself and the FCC could label your videos for you, or more importantly, decide your video is labeld...
  2. Zenoth

    Thought this was share worthy

    www.someecards.com: Mom thinks "furry convention" is for dogs, accidentally becomes the star. This person thought furry cons were for animals, and went with her doggo. Basically someone had never heard of furries before, and went to a con with her dog, and ended up loving it, so thought I'd...
  3. Zenoth

    Discord memory leak

    So it seems that Discord had a memory leak that may include passwords. I know there are a few Discord useres here and one of the sites affected is Patreon so I figured I'd share this here, for the artists and people that use that. GitHub - pirate/sites-using-cloudflare: List of domains using...
  4. Zenoth

    Happy Holidays everyfur

    Hope everyone has a great day with good friends and family, and strong drink if you're into that. Hope your day is pawsome!!!
  5. Zenoth

    Zipline's noodles and booze get together!

    Don't fret about gas money or air fare, this is an online meet up. Organised by Zipline and noodle help from me. Come get over your middle of the week blahs with tasty pasta and booze ^^. We have everything from angel hair pasta up to lasagna and everything in between (even wai wai) There is...
  6. Zenoth

    Fursona I'm working on

    First off, Big ups to the RadPanda team for the line art / reff sheets. I really need to start practicing with drawing again rather than just lurking and enjoying the art. Picture can be found at www.furaffinity.net: Zenoth 1.0 by TheRealZenoth (uploading keeps having an error, I'll keep trying...
  7. Zenoth


    Hello All, New to the forums , and FA in general, but have admired the artwork for a while. Some Likes - Drum and Bass / Jungle / Break-beats -Online gaming -Anime Dislikes -Lazy game design -Flawed gaming mechanics -in game / in app purchases to unlock content (especially when it should...