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  1. TheRealKingKoopa

    KingKoopa's Pixel WIPs (Cars n' stuff!)

    Hi. This is a link to my FA profile, where I post my completed stuff (and most of it is pretty old and bad since most of my recent improvement came from stuff I've never finished/published). This thread is where I'll post my WIPs. See, I tend to actually finish my shit when I'm showing the WIPs...
  2. TheRealKingKoopa

    In-Character Q&A

    Asking your character questions is one of the best ways to get to know them and flesh them out. So let's do some of that, answering as your fursona! There are 10 general questions here, and then I (or someone else, if they want!) will ask a few more specific questions once your 'sona (or other...
  3. TheRealKingKoopa

    The Anatomy of a Good Fursona Profile

    I talked a little bit about interesting fursona designs in a previous thread, and while a lot of people have interesting designs, the accompanying profiles often end up having quite a bit less effort put into them. The first thing you need for a character sheet is the sheet itself, and as it...
  4. TheRealKingKoopa

    [CLOSED FOR NOW] Free Pixel Portraits

    CLOSED FOR NOW Link to my FA page I'm offering free character portraits in this sort of style. It can be a bust or fullbody, but the latter ones will be generally less detailed. You can also specify what kind of pose/expression. If you just post your ref and don't specify anything else, I'll...
  5. TheRealKingKoopa

    On "unique" characters (or: Interesting Fursonas/OC's Without Looking Like You're Trying Too Hard)

    I've seen a few people, on a few different websites, say that they're worried their fursona isn't unique or distinctive or interesting enough. Invariably the responses are "don't pile on details, that's how sparkledogs happen, focus on personality" – but I want to give a slightly more in-depth...
  6. TheRealKingKoopa

    Would you rather be your fursona or live with/date your fursona?

    Credit to this guy on Reddit for the question -- I decided to post it here because I find it really interesting to think about, and I honestly can't come to a conclusion for myself.
  7. TheRealKingKoopa

    Woof woof what up

    oh god i'm too tired to be writing this shit right now lol So yeah. I'm a college freshman and involuntary-but-I-don't-really-mind social recluse. I like cars from the 1980s and rap music from the 1990s. My fursona is a female Saluki named [insert go-to tomboy name here] Alex, who I haven't...