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  1. Hellerskull

    Freebies needed for my future commission

    Hello! I've decide to do some freebies to use as examples for my future commission. I was on a very long hiatus and during that time, lot of things changed on FA. I used to have lot of submissions, both commissions and personal arts are all gone. I lost everything on my file except my name and...
  2. Hellerskull

    Please help me get over my artist's block (free chibis )

    I'm having a bit of artist's block for a while now and it is real annoying to have them. I feel like I want to doodle some chibi version based of their fursonas. Just post your reference images on here and I will do the rest. Want to be specific on the pose? No, I won't follow your specifics...
  3. Hellerskull

    Looking for partial fursuit makers

    I have a small job and art commissions to earn money to save up and they are stacking up well in the steady pace. I have been thinking of buying a partial fursuit of my alt fursona and able to wear it at the local community events to help raising charity and what's not. I figured that would be...
  4. Hellerskull

    YCH Auction: Threesome featuring with Heller

    YCH Auction: Threesome Featuring with Heller The original image:https://www.furaffinity.net/view/10468553/ (NSFW) *Any Species* *Male or Herm Characters* *Full colored with BG* #1 Slot Starting Bid- $10 Increase Bid by $2 #2 Slot Starting Bid- $10 Increase Bid by $2 #3 Slot Starting Bid-...
  5. Hellerskull

    What is your preferred method to start?

    The other night, when I was doing stream freebies with Join.me stream. As usual, I started to do couple sketches for those who requested I started with the blank white canvas, but I changed its background color to black. I used red ink for sketching. This is how I start the sketching...
  6. Hellerskull

    Doing some NSFW sketches

    I will be doing some NSFW sketches! I prefer drawing M/F, F/H, or F/F. No M/M please. Solo is perfectly fine with me regardless of gender. Discuss with me for any fetishes you want me to draw because there are certain fetishes I refuse to draw such as watersport, scat, grossly weight gain...
  7. Hellerskull

    Pixel arts

    I want to draw some pixel. C: Just tell me what object, food, Pokemon or maybe chibi feral version of fursonas. I don't want to do something that is very complicated or have lot of crazy markings and stuff and I will only do eye blinking animation if desired. - Yes, this is Roger's...
  8. Hellerskull

    Doing free expression head shots with talking bubble

    I'm pretty damn bored and I would like to do something to kill some time until my beloved demon come back from college in three hours so I'm offering freebies of a simple head shot with thought bubbles. Any expression you desire. I want to practice more on expression than anything else right...
  9. Hellerskull

    Will be doing 2 free badges

    I'm doing TWO badge freebies of any theme of your choosing as long as it is CLEAN. I won't do the background details, so it will be white. I can draw nudity, but only lacks of nipples and genitalia. Only ONE character. No couples! I can try any species. I never draw avian, insects...
  10. Hellerskull

    Christmas Light Bondage Audience

  11. Hellerskull

    Gory doodles

    I'm angry and depressed. I doesn't feel like I vented enough and I need to vent more, but not through writing, but to draw random gory doodles. I'm offering a free gory doodlings like this one: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6720903 Keep that in mind, I'm pretty angry and I have...
  12. Hellerskull

    Gory commissions perfect for this time of the year!

    To indulge myself in sadistic pleasures by drawing gory commissions! Heh, I figured it is perfect opportunity to do this for the month of October and the Halloween is coming up around the corner. You want something gory? Just little or a whole lot enough to fill the tub in blood? Want to see...
  13. Hellerskull

    Good quality and affortable commissions!

    I'm back in business and much better than before! I'm offering ANY KIND of commissions; it can be yiff or non-yiff with one or more character and with or without background of your choosing. As for fetishes, I'm comfortable with some. Commission Price Guide...
  14. Hellerskull

    V-Day Contest - The love is in the air.

    I'm hosting a v-day contest. Please check out my journal! http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2077609/ Please don't PM me on here or FA, just post it in the journal because I couldn't keep it up with them all at once.
  15. Hellerskull

    Heller, A White Demoness. (Updated)

    Name: Heller Age: Appeared as 23 years old (Estimated around 700+ years) Sex: Female Species: Demon Height: 5'8 from head to toes; 3'9'' tail length Weight: 135 lbs Appearance: - Hair and fur: No hair, pure white fur and bloody-red tentacles with random dark spikes on her ear tips and...
  16. Hellerskull

    It is worth to set up Alertpay account?

    I don't know whether or not worth to set up my alertpay account for doing commissions. I have no idea how many buyers out there actually have alertpay. I have problems with paypal unable to use the money I earned from the past commissions. I tried to have them transferred my money to the bank...
  17. Hellerskull

    Doing pin-up requests (2 slots)

    CLOSED I'd like to do few of those in this pin-up style: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4881983 (NSFW) with awesome texture background. I might need those for future commission examples. I can only do one character per request, either male or female. I will do them tasteful nudity or...
  18. Hellerskull

    Only $5 for Chibis! Just FIVE BUCKS.

    I'm too itchy to draw more chibis like those again with or without colored stroke of your color choice. ONLY for $5 bucks per chibi character. No human please, I don't draw them as well as anthropomorphic characters. I'm not comfortable drawing them just yet. I can draw any character you want...
  19. Hellerskull

    Who want to be my first victim?

    I'm thinking about doing 1-2 comic strips of my fursona, Heller involve with her unfortunate victim who lost her/his game to her and she is about to devour him/her flesh and soul in gruesome way. This is hard vore / guro, NOT SOFT VORE. If this is not your thing, don't force yourself to be...
  20. Hellerskull

    Need halloween badge sample *one request*

    I only need one sample for Halloween Badge. What I draw will be a zombie version of your fursona wearing your Halloween costume. This is head to waist bust shot. *NOTICE: If you can't stand blood and guts, then this isn't for you. I also don't ship badge to you, you have to print it and...