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  1. Neivn

    Main Site How to change username?

    Hiya, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong spot/has already been discussed somewhere I just can't find it. Is there any way to change our username? I would really not like to abandon my FA account,, Thank you
  2. Neivn

    Free Art: nsfw requests!

    he y a <3 I'm in the mood to draw some girls! Just drop your gal down in the comments but tell me if you're uncomfy with any type of nsfw/fetish or maybe ask for something specific if you want to. !!I'm really only looking to do girls!! And I might not draw everyone ;; Thank you guys!
  3. Neivn

    Show me your fish and aquatic characters!!

    heya!! Recently ive fallen in love with fish sonas and designs ;0;; But even though ive been searching around and I can't really find that many people that have fish/water ocs -- So if you have a fish kid or know someone who does please show me I wanna see 'em!! I also want to watch artists who...
  4. Neivn

    SFW/NSFW Art Trades?

    Heyo! Got some free time and I wanted to do some art trades with some people. I'm down to do a trade with anyone, but, if you want to do something nsfw, please pm me because most of my character refs have nudity. Link to my FA : Userpage of Neivn -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  5. Neivn

    Hi, hi!

    Heya guys, I'm Neivn ^^ I'm 17 and from the US. I like to draw, and I'd like to make some new friends on here. It's nice to meet you!