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  1. Moondoggy

    *Urgent* Nicky the Husky

    I'm sure you guys have talked to or seen Nicky the Husky on here, well his family found out he is gay and now they are threating him with violence. His uncle has already punched him and made him bleed. I'm not exactly sure what to do, but Nick is in a dangerous and dark spot. He lives in...
  2. Moondoggy

    Need help/ideas for new story

    Hello everyone, I wanted to start a very long multi-part story that hopefully will entertain people. I can usually think of a plot very quickly, but I'm trying to come up with a setting where I can have a little bit of everything in my story. However, scifi seems over done. So I'm not sure what...
  3. Moondoggy

    Ferocious Furs

    Your sona is about to head on an adventure and will face dangerous enemies. What will your sona use to defeat their enemies? Feel free to describe it more!
  4. Moondoggy

    Drunk furs post here

    Hey y'all, I'm half Irish and have been out with friends. Anybody wants to ask anything or wants a pony ask now lol
  5. Moondoggy

    SHD Furry Agent in need!

    Any SHD furry Agents active on PS4 for the Division? I play on PS4 but if you are on Xbone or PC leave your tag if you want. My PSN is TheeMoondoggy
  6. Moondoggy

    Hello everyone!

    Hello, I'm Moondog, I have always thought that the furry community is a really friendly and fun community that I wanted to join but I was always scared off by the amount of hate you all get. But your community takes care of everyone so I'm happy to finally be a part of it. I still need to work...