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  1. JollyJester

    Test Post

    Here's a test post fan art \(○`° `○)/
  2. JollyJester

    Commission Prices!

    Full Body ☆Sketch- 20$ ☆Black & white lineart- 25$ ☆ Flat color- 50$ ☆ Color and shading- 70$ Bust ☆Sketch- 5$ ☆Black & white lineart- 7$ ☆Flat color- 10$ ☆Flat color- 15$ ☆Color and shading- 20$ Chibi ☆Sketch- 5$ ☆Black & white lineart- 10$ ☆Flat color- 15$ ☆Color and shading- 20/25$ *I...
  3. JollyJester


    Hey there fuzzy fellows! I'm new here, and while I myself am not a full furry or anything I have thought about it for some time. I'm a struggling artist and I have decided that maybe I can make some art for you guys if you'll have it! I'll be making some art today specifically geared for the...