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  1. Kovy

    Something interesting about the main site..

    I'm sure some of you have already noticed this but, When ever i type " www.furafinity.com " the url will revert to " http://ww3.furafinity.com/ " Leading to some nasty crap. Usually scam sites from india and so fourth. Is this something thats known and such and already been talked about? I...
  2. Kovy

    Hey baby imma wisper in your ear, i have somthing that you may like to hear,

    What is up my dudes? My name, is well.. Just call me kovy please, or kovi. My pronouns are them/they (Him is fine) My character is a cute femboi horse :3 I tried my best to model him closest to my personality and my physical traits heh^^ What brought me to the forum is that, I wanted to get...
  3. Kovy

    Cute Simplish Art Trades anyone?

    Hey, So like i was wondering if anyone wanted to art trade with me, I've been needing some new art for some time lol^^ All i wanna ask is that, if you are new to the whole idea of, You know, Art i would kindly like to deny though, no hard feelings. I will do Anthro only any gender or sex...