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  1. gdrhrhtfjyjkg

    Looking for Pixel Art

    I'd like a new icon. One of my character Kanon made in a digital, pixely style. Kinda like in Scott Pilgrim or Super Meat Boy but not necessarily as a chibi. It has too look old school videogame-ish, not really imitating the exact style as the previously mentioned games. I'd prefer it not to be...
  2. gdrhrhtfjyjkg

    Let me try this again

    Cus i was a noob when i did this the first time. Name: Monochrome Kanon Age: 18 (stopped aging at 17) Sex: Male Species: Fox and Husky hybrid Height: Roughly 5.6 feet Weight: About 126 pounds Appearance: - Hair and fur: White fur, grey in the forhead. Right leg is completely black. Black...
  3. gdrhrhtfjyjkg

    A new sig for me?

    I'd love to have a new signature pic. This one is kinda old and the one i use in GTW just sucks so if anyone here would be kind enough to make me a new one (cuz my tablet is broken and i can't do it myself) i'd be much aprecciated :3
  4. gdrhrhtfjyjkg

    The vault is real

    I want to make a drawing with multiple characters this time, rather than upload a bunch of sketches. This is a pretty simple one: I need four three people to represent each class from the videogame Borderlands (i freaking love that game) plus 4 more people for minor characters and i'll put you...
  5. gdrhrhtfjyjkg

    Free sketches

    I need a break from all this goddamn "digital art" crap - drawing with a mouse is torture. This one is pretty simple: bring me some refs and i'll draw you a bust. Maybe a full body drawing or two. No colors. This time i wont scan the drawings, just take pics of them - they'll look like this...
  6. gdrhrhtfjyjkg

    I need to get a sketch inked

    I haven't uploaded any Renard fanart lately and i don't really feel like drawing today so instead i went for something different: recycling http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4694684 As you can see i tryed digitalizing it myself but i just ended up failing. If anyone can ink the original one...
  7. gdrhrhtfjyjkg

    Badass icons

    So recently i've been trying to improve my mouse drawing skills by doing some icons. I only managed to make 2 half decent avies like this and i want to practice some more so i'm gonna be doing free icons with this style: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4659357...
  8. gdrhrhtfjyjkg

    The Furry Fight Club

    AKA "The Furry Arena". Do you like fighting videogames? if you're not good at them you'll get a beating, get pissed off, smash the controler against a wall and call the game stupid. However if you're good at them, it can be quite a stress reducer. Throwing a bunch of fireballs, uppercuts...
  9. gdrhrhtfjyjkg


    Acording to wikipeda, "polymerization is a process of reacting monomer molecules together in a chemical reaction to form three-dimensional networks or polymer chains". What a crock of shit. You know it's all about fusing two mosters together into a single being, right? This is what i'm...
  10. gdrhrhtfjyjkg


    Zombies are awesome :D When i was a little kid i was a resident evil freak and i loved blowing zombie brains away and such (see i was a complete cheater - i had gameshark so it was all about killing zombies and nothing else) So of course i did zombie drawings. A bunch of them actually and my...
  11. gdrhrhtfjyjkg

    The 11 year old furfag

    I have a little cousin. I love the guy - he is the closest thing to a little bro i hever had. He often imitates me when it comes to things i like, for example: I used to be a fan of mortal kombat and i played every single game i could find that was related to that franchise so he memorized the...
  12. gdrhrhtfjyjkg

    Furry Cosplay

    There are some examples of this in my FA page but basically i'll be doing sketches of furries doing cosplay (you know, dressing like some anime character or a japanese videogame character) This is how it works: You guys show me some references of your fursonas and tell me how would you like me...
  13. gdrhrhtfjyjkg

    Losing my interest on videogames

    So, it's been almost a whole week since the last time i played a videogame (And no, it has nothing to do with me having a 360). Since i bought a new sketchbook and started listening to Renard, i pretty much expend all the time i could be wasting playing Fallout 3 drawing. Seriously? I've been...
  14. gdrhrhtfjyjkg

    Monochrome Kanon

    Name: Monochrome Kanon Age: 17 Sex: Male Species: Fox and Husky hybrid Height: Unknown Weight: Unknown Appearance: - Hair and fur: White fur, grey in the forhead. Some black spots. Black fingers. Black and silver hair. - Markings: Black marks below eyes. Black goate and eyebrows. Overgrown...
  15. gdrhrhtfjyjkg


    The last introduction i did in another forum had a lot of views thanks for that little typo so i'll try that again just for kicks X3 So anyways, my name is J.C. Maciel and i live in Argentina. It took me a decade to speak semi-fluid english - even playing videogames and movies helped in the...