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  1. Tammy_Collared

    Seeking Black Male Bunny, Cat, or Canine

    Hello everyone, I am so happy to be able to properly post an intro for a roleplay even though I am still new to the forums and have meet some wonderful fursonas. So, I am looking for a mate to make Judy their little fuck bunny. In this world of Judy's, she is no longer a cop, she has retired...
  2. Tammy_Collared

    Question. Anthro or Full suit. Whats the difference?

    So, I hope I can ask this right, and not come across confusing or a question that gets fur all riled up. So, I am looking at doing a Raven Teen Titans cosplay. But I want to do it with her being a rabbit girl, you know that one show where she was turned into a bunny? Anyways, I dont wnat to do a...
  3. Tammy_Collared

    Hello everyone.

    Hi everyone, I am new here, so I wanted to say hi and introduce myself.