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  1. PaPenguin

    My first YCH - Full render - 50$ SB

    Doing my first YCH, feel free to check it out \o/ SB: 50$ www.furaffinity.net: My first YCH by PaPenguin (nsfw)
  2. PaPenguin

    Critique please (especially anatomy)

    Hoi, working on a new piece and I´m pretty sure there are some not so great things (anatomically speaking) but I´ve gone work-blind. I´m gonna step away from it for a day or two, but any additional help is appreciated. :) www.furaffinity.net: Scrap by PaPenguin (NSFW)
  3. PaPenguin

    Artist says hoi

    Hoi I´m new here and I sometimes draw things. So far there´s only one pic but that may or may not change. (I hope it does) Also there is a good chance I´ll go on a haitus for 1-6 months at random for no real reason, so... yeah. Cheers