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  1. Crisahitna

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Open

    I am opening up commissions for some extra money. $5 for head busts sketch $10 for torso sketch $15 for full body Will draw: NSFW, Furry, Transformers, Will not draw: color pieces (this is only traditional sketch) Note: I work a job in real time and have a rocky work-life balance, so I...
  2. Crisahitna

    What Happens with the Inactive Open Species?

    So I'm currently making my Kellashee OC, and I originally made an attempt to try to contact the original species owner/founder for a opinion only to find out he's been inactive for about 5 years. I honestly don't know what usually happens in a circumstance like that. Do they semi-fade from the...
  3. Crisahitna

    Hey There, Guys

    I'm a furry and a Pegasister and had my own furaffinity up for a good while. My art name is Crisahitna. My bugsona is a Death's Head Roach. I crave raw fish and sushi from time to time. I listen to some death and black metal. And I'm looking for inspiration to come up with a character that's...