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  1. TortDoll

    Give a job to the furry above you!

  2. TortDoll

    Give a job to the furry above you!

  3. TortDoll

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Multiple Animated FERAL YCHs! $25+

    There is an NSFW one available, if you are curious to see it please note me! All of these will be FULLY detailed! EXAMPLES.. Camping SB: $35 MI: $5 AB: $100 Hello Moon SB: $35 MI: $5 AB: $100 Foggy Road SB: $35 MI: $5 AB: $100 Up To No Good (not animated but can be animated)...
  4. TortDoll

    Describe your sona with a picture

    Rave Dollface
  5. TortDoll

    Anyone's sona got superpowers?

    I use to have one that could fly and screech, your ears would bleed. She could also summon voodoo dolls from the ground.
  6. TortDoll

    Random facts about your fursona(s)

    Dollface regurgitates her eggs into victims, often living
  7. TortDoll

    show me pics of your fursona!

    There's some great sonas in here!! :D
  8. TortDoll

    A gif that best summarizes your fursona

    For my Rayver baby (custom species, canine, rainbowy) And for my Wolvoid baby (also custom species)