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  1. Mydlas

    I got some unseen adopts of all kinds for sale

    I got some unseen adopts that got left behind, if anyone interested, the prices ranges between 5$ and 30$ (depending on how old they are) I let you see them in here, if interested post bellow or note me on here or on FA, my artist's nickname is the same as in the Forum. 5$ 5$ 5$ 5$ 6$ 6$...
  2. Mydlas

    Commissions starting at 10$-90$ Great quality

    My prices My FA Page My DA Page I'm currently open for commissions. I've been drawing for a living since 3 years and I had a tiny hiatus and since then, I'd like to advertise my art on in here, to let you all know I exist! I can animate icons to draw in cool animated sketches, I...