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    Terminator 2 DVD - theatrical cut?

    My favorite movie is Terminator 2, and the VHS copy I bought back in '98 is one of my most treasured possessions. However, it's been on my "DVDs to buy" list for a long time, because the only version I can find is the extended cut. I've seen it, and while the movie's still a masterpiece, it's...
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    The "realism" hang-up...

    I can't be the only one noticing this. Any time a work of fiction is discussed, people always bring up how it should be more realistic or sucks because it isn't realistic or such-and-such is better because it's more realistic. Seriously, that word is used more than the f-word in rap music...
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    Hi, newbie here.

    I only recently learned about the furry community, but I think I like it here. I apologize in advance if I say something stupid, but I hope I won't. *crosses fingers*