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  1. Nowlia

    AUTUMN and HALLOWEEN adoptables!! ~

    Heya guys!! I'm putting out a few Halloween/Autumn adopts. I'll be using this thread to add more as I'm finishing them. Price will likely range from $10 to $35, but fear not!! You can have cute ones for cheap!! ~ First up: Autumn Deer/Unicorn! Second: Black Kitten quad/sona! So far, only...
  2. Nowlia

    ~ SymSilveon's commissions ~ innauguration sale!

    ~ Hello, pretties. I've started setting things up a few months ago, but life came in the way and now I'm officially opening this shop with an inauguration sale! I won't have infinite slots (because, well, work) so if you're interested please go ahead and grab yours! ✨ Simple Shading //...
  3. Nowlia

    SymSylveon's Commission Info

    Hello everyone ~ I'm Sym. I have commissions open now because there's a con I need to attend in November, and right now I can't do much more to save for it. Therefore, here goes: ____ Bumps are appreciated" Thank you very much!!
  4. Nowlia

    Requests Open to prepare gallery :P

    Hey everybody!! I want to make a new gallery with furry art to open commission, but as I unfortunately have too little furry art to show right now I'll open some free requests so I can have material :D Go and request. I have no species limitations and will do both SFW and NSFW, including most...
  5. Nowlia

    Pokémon trainer YOU wants to battle!

    Ever dreamed to be a pokémon trainer? A pokémon breeder? Having your team?? Well for as little as $15 you can have an art of you and your pokémon like this: Prices: Trainer + 1 pokémon: $15 Adorbs 6-pokémon team: Only $35 +$5 for each extra character +$5 for simple...
  6. Nowlia

    [Starting at $10] There was a fox in a box and she is making commissions

    Hey hey hey! I am Branca, an illustrator doing commissions! I'm currently out of a formal job, so I decided to open some cheap commissions to help with the bills. Above there are some commission prices, BUT I'm open for other kinds of art, such as: Animations Pixels Full illustrations (with...
  7. Nowlia

    Drawings, plushies, pokémon

    Hmm... I'm new. XD The examples of my work: http://raposabranca.deviantart.com FA page with data: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/nowlia/