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  1. Kokoro

    Things you like or love about the Furry Fandom

    The community is incredible. My first time at Anthrocon felt like a family reunion. Everyone treats each other so well compared to other things I've been to. I also love the fact that we create our own fandom rather than being fans of something some particular third party created. Even if...
  2. Kokoro

    For any 3d artists out there: What program do you use?

    As a game developer I use Blender, but I make it a point to use an exported 3DS Max skeleton so my characters are fully compatible. Blender has come a long way in usability, and I see no reason to use any other program over it, except maybe regarding format compatibility. Never tried it for...
  3. Kokoro

    How did you become a furry?

    A friend of mine invited me to Furcadia a decade ago, and since then I've been kinda on the fringe of the fandom. About two years ago I really decided to declare myself a furry, and Anthrocon 2014 was my first convention. Now I'm making my own fursuit, and will probably complete it this weekend.
  4. Kokoro

    How did you become a furry?

    Years back my friend introduced me to Furcadia. I was always kind of on the edges of the fandom since then. I always thought it'd be neat to go to a convention, so I went to Anthrocon with my friend. It was incredible. I've doubled-down on the furry fandom, and I'm now working on my own fursuit!
  5. Kokoro

    Insects in your anthro world

    I'd include both anthro and feral bugs. How else would we include Kage? :>
  6. Kokoro

    Would you ever bring up any furry-related stuff in a conversation with a non-fur?

    I always make a clear distinction that "yiff" is a subset of the furry fandom rather than a base quality. While a significant portion of people might incorporate anthro art into their sexuality, sexuality isn't what the fandom is at its core; merely a supplemental quality.
  7. Kokoro

    Would you ever bring up any furry-related stuff in a conversation with a non-fur?

    I do all the time. Nearly all my friends have a better appreciation for furries because of my explanations. My interest in the furry fandom is the same as my interest in any video game or anime. And if someone says it means I like bestiality, I make the point that if they like anime it makes...
  8. Kokoro

    I feel useless.

    When it seems like barriers are standing in your way in life, sometimes you have to act like a bull. The life you want may not be easy to get, but it's out there somewhere. Charge forth and take it.
  9. Kokoro

    Any good furry games around?

    I'd really like to work on one someday. My specialization is gameplay programming, particularly with regards to character controls. Here's a video of what I've been working on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09OcOGLvWoM If anyone reading this wants to do something game-development-related...
  10. Kokoro

    bionic and artificial limbs with fursuit paws and feet on them

    I've been thinking of this for some time, particularly with digitigrade legs. Loss of a limb can also mean the aquisition of many new capabilities. Might as well give it a shot, eh?
  11. Kokoro

    things you just dont understand

    I think it's kind of a disorganized thought that comes from a different concept. It's more being proud of how one has developed through adversity from who they are. Proud to be gay, for example, because they had the strength to stand up against society for themselves. Dunno.
  12. Kokoro

    Confessions thread

    Yeah, I know that it's something I should just let go of. It's hard to get rid of such deeply-rooted feelings though. My very personality feels so uncertain and timid when it comes to expressing myself whatsoever. It's so hard to let my emotions show, or even to feel them at all. One step at...
  13. Kokoro

    Confessions thread

    I still hold in what may be at the root of all my deepest conflicts. At the time when I was first discovering sexuality as a young teen, I learned I was into weight gain, and I told a couple of my friends. They judged me harshly for it. That on top of the conflict I felt growing up...
  14. Kokoro

    New to the Furry Fandom!

    Wow, red pandas are becoming popular. I am one as well. I was torn between kitsune and giant panda, each representing an extreme side of my dissonant personality. But now these two sides are coming closer, and I've united them into one through the red panda. Welcome to the fandom, and I hope...
  15. Kokoro

    The language thread for languages

    私は話すことで日本語を勉強したい。  日本語の本で習うより話すことの方がです。 三百漢字を知りている。  語を話て習なくてだめ。
  16. Kokoro

    What's the best way to cut fur?

    I find scissors to be much easier and cleaner. Requires no pressure and doesn't risk tearing; just have to be more careful with it. Just place it fur-side down, then slide the bottom blade between the fur and backing, and make sure you're always running the bottom blade's tip against the...
  17. Kokoro

    Daily Fail misrepresents furry fandom :p

    I like to call my otaku friends pedophiles. It shuts them up pretty quick.
  18. Kokoro

    ISP throttling speed when visiting Furaffinity? =\

    This happened to me with Second Life a lot.
  19. Kokoro

    I don't know about you guys...

    I'm still just kinda adjusting but after my first convention I know it's a community I really want to be a part of. I think it might be easier after I get some artwork of my fursona. Wish I had one of those drawing tablets or a scanner. xP
  20. Kokoro

    'Fetish/Furry Specialty' label. Switch it?

    Sometimes semantics can change everything. Frankly we kinda need it...