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  1. unwisedragon

    Ahhhhhhhhhh, Hi guys! ^^;;

    Hope you enjoy the forums. Above all, don't /qq. Oh, or double-post. People don't like double-posts, but don't mind spamming of the edit button. What is your favourite story?
  2. unwisedragon

    Dave Blocks Thy Porn

    There are better ways of doing this. For example, there are lovely things like openDNS that block porn sites (and some other sites) for you. Why waste millions of dollars on implementing a system when you can just download something? Ban porn, then ban sex next. In vetro fertilization is the...
  3. unwisedragon

    Looking for a Media Player Besides iTunes

    I have finally had it with apple and their software. Using iTunes has been such a frustrating and laggy experience that I am finished with it. Done! Never going back! But now I'm not sure what to use. I tried Banshee, but the version that is out for windows is an incredibly buggy alpha and seems...
  4. unwisedragon

    Furry things you do when bored

    Casually rewrite history from 1098 onward using different species to represent main cultures. Anthro characters are more interesting to write about than humans.
  5. unwisedragon

    Striped or Spotted?

    Stripes make me think of a tabby cat. Spots make me think of hyenas. So, I have to go with spotted hyenas.
  6. unwisedragon

    Hello, strange new world...

    Welcome to fun things. What happiness have you found? Also, what is your favourite story? I like asking that to as many people as possible.
  7. unwisedragon

    Hi im new

    Awesome enough to reply to a ridiculous number of threads, I suppose. I'm not awesome enough to stay that active :o I spend too much time just browsing pictures on FA or writing strange fiction... or playing nerdy online games :3
  8. unwisedragon

    do you wear a collar, and why or why not?

    I'm not sure I could wear a collar. I don't like things touching my neck. I'm not a fan of watches either. Instead, I wear a pocket watch. Basically: if I need to wear it and it isn't necessary by arbitrary social decision, I'm not wearing it.
  9. unwisedragon

    Hi im new

    Well, you do have nearly 1600 posts in about one month, which is a good deal more than I managed in that time.
  10. unwisedragon

    Hi im new

    It has been many a year since I last ate a falafel... But aside from that... welcome to the fandom and forums! Protip: Falaffel spends way too much time on here :V You should totally be a cat. We're purrfect ;) (sorry for really bad pun)
  11. unwisedragon

    Hello, I'm FurryTech01

    Welcome to the place with the stuff. The stuff is mostly anthropomorphic art. Have any interesting hobbies?
  12. unwisedragon

    An Anthropomorphic world? What if?

    Well... I'm writing a story sort of like this. To illustrate a point, I've assigned a broad species (ex. canids) to a religion. But let's not get too far into that. While there would be some interesting, not to mention slightly awkward, social relations, my guess would be as good as yours...
  13. unwisedragon

    It's time to rejoin the fandom.

    Welcome back! I'm only an Iguana until one of my friends is wholly satisfied with his picture of my fursona... which would be an orange tabby.
  14. unwisedragon

    Will I be picked on for being a fur?

    Present yourself well, don't make a big deal about it, and you may find it easier to get by. Oh... going advanced didn't help me. I failed to quote :( check out Battlechili1 up there ^ This is the only creed to follow when not wishing to attract attention. Thanks for saying it!
  15. unwisedragon

    The metaphysical kind!

    The metaphysical kind!
  16. unwisedragon

    Here is a link to a whole whack of it: http://www.quotev.com/unwisedragon

    Here is a link to a whole whack of it: http://www.quotev.com/unwisedragon
  17. unwisedragon

    Choosing a species and design...

    I'm only an iguana because any attempt to write a cat turned into a girl-cat named Haajar of all things. I have no interest in being my opposite gender, so I'm an iguana until I can bring myself to write a male cat. Drawing ability level 0! I don't like doodling.
  18. unwisedragon

    I released the second installment on friday. Still a pdf, still loads of errors both mechanical...

    I released the second installment on friday. Still a pdf, still loads of errors both mechanical and otherwise, but it's always nice to have alpha readers. And I'm working on a short story! No more than two pages.
  19. unwisedragon

    Car company marketing to furries, is this fur reals?

    Well, if someone is making car posters targeted to furries then apparently we are a viable market? It's either that or Mini needs to hire some new marketing staff...
  20. unwisedragon

    what are some cool OOLLDDDD anthro things you have found?

    I did some research on harpies at one point, those are incredibly old furry-ish minions of Zeus. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Harpy.PNG