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  1. K

    Growing tomatoes - Mystery seedling

    Couldn't say other than now I am super curious as to what it looks like. Oh tid bit for you super grower fans, I will be trying this out this year, splicing the root of a tomato with a root of a potato, apparently they get humungous and both help each other bear lots of produce so if you like...
  2. K

    How do you feel about people hating children?

    I personally do not like kids mainly because I am super jealous because I never really had a childhood, I simply cannot connect. Every time I try I drive the wedge deeper. I can hardly stand to be around my cousins, nieces and nephew. To me they are an avoid when possible but pay attention to...
  3. K

    are there any straight edge furs on this site?

    I would be a straight edge :3 well said by the way I personally don't much appreciate being dissed or dissing others... we are what we are right ;p
  4. K

    Making Animal Noises

    Oh boy do I!!!! I yip like a coyote when tickled I meow purr hiss growl and I make various other noises like a few dog sounds horse sounds cow/bison sounds Zebra Goat Sheep hell I can even pull a Wookie and a Taun taun! It makes my life that much more amusing... :3
  5. K

    Members by Species

    Kvasir Mountain Lion Feline Have at it!
  6. K

    Jurassic Park may not have been accurate D:

    wow you people should go to the Museum of the Rockies their dinosaur exhibit is awesome! i love going there if only just to see the replicas and as many of the actual fossils that they can put out on display. i know that i am not a professional on them but they are so interesting. BTW Jack...
  7. K

    Furs by College/University 2

    Montana, University of Montana :3
  8. K

    As with you :3

    As with you :3
  9. K

    Single straight furries

    I will agree, yes I read the entire post and found it admirable that DracoJJ put the thought and time to explain vaguely the meaning. Anyway I am straight and single, but only single because I don't really like the "long distance" relationship, and have promised to myself that if I do get a...
  10. K

    Your favorite boss

    My favorite Boss character is the Dragon Volvagia from Zelda Ocarina of Time. And the Ice Queen lady from Dark Cloud... i love that music its so haunting. The last Boss in Dark Alliance is pretty cool too, along with Jack of Blades from Fable. ^^
  11. K

    What's the scariest horror game you've played?

    playing the marine campaign in Alien vs. Predator in the mines that is some freaky stuff when you cant see anything even with the brightness setting up on high... i hate playing the humans, the Xenomorphs are amazing however.
  12. K

    What are you scared of the most

    my biggest fear are snakes. i am fine if they are separated by glass but nothing between me and it i freak out... i am also afraid of dieing from old age in my sleep. i want to go out with a spark like some sort of hiking accident where i fall off a cliff or break my back after falling from a...
  13. K

    So ladies

    i don't have a mate at the moment but my mother calls me kitten or rosebud but that doesn't really count as a pet name does it?
  14. K

    Oblivion lovers unite!

    i have been playing it recently i really like playing as khajiits or nords. my favorite line that i ever recived was from a bandit his final words were... "You move like a pregnant Cow!" i laughed so hard i almost got my character killed by him. lols
  15. K

    video games

    sometimes they are better old sometimes they are better old, other times they are the same.
  16. K

    What religion were you raised on?

    pagans all the way here
  17. K

    Which branch would you join?

    i would like to be more inclined to join the airforce but the army has better helicopter pilot stuff. i dont think i will join though not sure yet.
  18. K

    Furries only GameBattles clan for xbox live users

    what games would we be playing mostly? i am not a major league gamer but i at least have fun, im in if you want me. (gt Padfoot1793)
  19. K

    Why are furries so damn awkward?!

    everyone furry or not have definitely fallen off their their rocker or otherwise have lost their marbles. especially ME!!!
  20. K

    If you could move to any country other than your own where would you go?

    i would absolutely move to Ireland! they have no snakes, unless they are bought and released.