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    09 December 2009

    Hello everyone! After much work by FurAffinity staff and some dear friends of the website, we're back again, in a brand new location! Please bear with us - the site will be agonizingly slow as it gets slammed by users. Things should smooth out over the next half day or so as people calm...
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    October 27, 2009 - Site Slowdown

    There have been some sporadic reports of site slowdown as a result of the ad server. I've done a quick and very dirty fix that will not last very long. Still at work - I'll take a more in depth look when I get home. Sorry everyone.
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    August 15 - Main Site Slowdown

    We have been experiencing a slowdown on the main site for about thirty minutes. More information will be posted as we work.
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    Ad Server Slowdown

    Hello everyone. As a result of a security upgrade to the ad server, it is experiencing a minor slowdown issue. If you are seeing FA waiting on servbot.furaffinity.net, we apologize. I am working on fixing the slowdown, but it is during the day, so I don't have much time to spare to look...
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    Outage on 1/25/2009

    Some of you - but not all of you - may be experiencing trouble reaching FurAffinity. Cogent Networks has accidentally created a loop between two routers on the internet. As a result, all websites under those two routers (including FA) cannot be reached. This should be resolved very...
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    Ad Server Downtime

    Due to a bug in PHP, I have to take the ad server offline for a bit in order to put up a workaround. This will /not/ affect FA, other than having ads not show up. Sorry for the trouble!
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    Forums Email

    I have several complaints that forums email wasn't working, and that users weren't getting their activation emails. That should be fixed. However, if you have been experiencing issues getting activation codes or password resets, and this doesn't fix it, please email me at my user name...
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    As some of you may have noticed, we've switched out old outdated advertising system to a new, shiny one that allows for all sorts of cool statistics for us on the back end, allowing us to get more money out of our advertisers, and sell ads more efficiently! Woo! Partyyyy! As a side effect of...
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    Website Outage on 6/29

    As of 03:10 Eastern, the servers are down. We're looking into it.
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    June 23rd: Backend Issues

    There were some issues with the Administrative backend that necessitated taking the site offline. We're working on it as fast as we can. Sorry for the inconvenience. ETA: 15 minutes
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    Site Performance - May 07, 2008

    The site may run slightly slower than usual for the next few minutes. I'm running some rather powerful maintenance queries on the backend that are causing it to work harder than usual. Estimated Time of Resolution: 21:00 EST, May 07, 2008
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    Downtime on April 21

    For some as of yet unknown reason, PHP decided to chew up 99% of the CPU cycles on our webserver, thus causing FA to start through 502 errors when the backend requests would time out. When I took FA down to fix it, the forums slowed to a crawl, because everyone was looking here for why it was...
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    Furaffinity Downtime: 06 Feb.

    Hello everyone! I sincerely apologize for the forums and main site downtime today. Unfortunately, the internet seems to be experiencing some downtime between two of the major internet providers (upstream internet) Global Crossing, and Verizon. As of the time of this posting, Global...
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    FA Art Contest: When Bad Things Happen - CLOSED

    As frequent purveyors of FA know, when we are doing work on the main site or on the forums and one tries to access FA, they're greeted by a "Connection Refused" or a lovely blank white page. Descriptive, huh? We're looking to change that. But we need your help! We're starting a contest...