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  1. unwisedragon

    Looking for a Media Player Besides iTunes

    I have finally had it with apple and their software. Using iTunes has been such a frustrating and laggy experience that I am finished with it. Done! Never going back! But now I'm not sure what to use. I tried Banshee, but the version that is out for windows is an incredibly buggy alpha and seems...
  2. unwisedragon

    What Makes a Story Good?

    There are some books that stand out from the rest (even if it is just for you) and deserve a place higher than most stories! ... but why are these books actually good? What makes you enjoy a book? I tend to read fantasy and science fiction stories. I would love to expound my views but I'm not...
  3. unwisedragon

    A Good Day to You!

    A good day indeed! I'm new to this site. I've decided that I'm going to explore some of my interests - one of them being furries (which, writing that now, seems obvious). I only first heard of furries sometime last year in an xkcd comic. I dismissed it at first as some weird fetish at first and...