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  1. RachelTheFictionkin

    Open Chat

    Ah, alright :)
  2. RachelTheFictionkin

    Open Chat

    Yeah, and I mean which way in tagging makes submissions show up when searching on FA. I've been using tags like this: winged_humanoid but wasn't sure if my submissions showed up in search when typing in "winged humanoid" in the search bar. Thanks c:
  3. RachelTheFictionkin

    Open Chat

    Quick question, does anyone know if it's better to combine words when tagging or make them separate. Like this: winged_humanoid or this: winged humanoid
  4. RachelTheFictionkin

    Vent Thread

    Uggg... I fell asleep on the toilet and my whole right foot became numb. Darn anemia.
  5. RachelTheFictionkin

    Works in Progress!

    I've been envisioning this for a while. And slowly over time, with each iteration of my 'sona, I've became more and more bird.
  6. RachelTheFictionkin

    Hello! Name's Obvious-Anonymous

    Hello and welcome to the forum. :)
  7. RachelTheFictionkin

    Works in Progress!

    And yet another wip ref sheet of another character of mine - A sentient knife that can take on the form of a bisharp. Named Knife. Below are some old drawings.
  8. RachelTheFictionkin

    what the hell is aeromorph

    I am a fan of anthropomorphized inanimate objects.
  9. RachelTheFictionkin

    Someone who requested me got banned

    Well, if I were you, if they haven't given you any other way to communicate (e.g email) then you're most likely not going to hear back from them again. So, I would just not worry about doing their request. Especially since money isn't even involved and there were no payment transactions.
  10. RachelTheFictionkin

    Open Chat

    Poor kitty. I always feel bad turning on the bathroom light to go potty and she shuts her eyes when it comes on because it's so bright. I try to shield her eyes when I turn on the light but she's always just a bit too far from the lightswitch to do so.
  11. RachelTheFictionkin

    Unpopular Video Game Opinions

    Purple relics is where it's at.
  12. RachelTheFictionkin

    Vent Thread

  13. RachelTheFictionkin

    Vent Thread

    Today already started off bad. One of my cats left a "surprise" in the living room and I accidentally stepped on it with bare feet. :( It was cat throw up.
  14. RachelTheFictionkin

    What video game are you playing...

    Kao the Kangaroo (2022) for the Nintendo Switch. I just beat the story and I'm now trying to 100% it. I plan on playing the original games soon as well.
  15. RachelTheFictionkin

    Works in Progress!

    I've been doing some more work on my character sheet and ps1-style 3D art of ZackTheGoblin. I changed his attire, so I went ahead and began to retexture paint my wip 3D model of him. I do hope to one day make a video game someday. (forgot the ring on this one)
  16. RachelTheFictionkin

    Open Chat

    Goodness, I can't stop drawing reference sheets. I have like 4 in the works right now.
  17. RachelTheFictionkin

    "Favorite vegetable" thread

    I like spaghetti squash, eggplant, brussels sprouts, asparagus and chickpeas.
  18. RachelTheFictionkin

    Heya! New here :)

    Hello and welcome to the forums :D I like cats too!