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  1. K


    :mad: why?!?!?!?! i am so pissed off i can not for the life of me find my collar any where!!!!!
  2. K

    my puppy!!!

    this is my puppy. its a little late, she got really big. this was taken in may or june, i cant remember.
  3. K

    puppy names^_^

    so i am getting a female German Shepherd puppy around the 18th and cant think up a name for her, i need some creative ones that arent commonly used, her dominant color is black but she has some brown, i really need help on finding a good name. please if you have a good one post it. ^_^ thanks!!!
  4. K


    does anyone else get the feeling of distrust when you have to go do something and your in a strange place and your with someone who is not related to you, and you think that they will leave you there unless your with them constantly? i got that feeling during track season at track meets. i...
  5. K


    i thought of him when i tyed the ears of my webkinz beagles ears together above his head, dont ask i am very wierd. Name: Styix (previously gargoyle) Age: 4 (in dog years) Sex: Male Height: 12 in. Weight: 10 lbs. Species: Pocket Pooch Appearance: dog like, Black and dark Red fur, one ear has...
  6. K


    name your favorite berrys, mine are huckle berrys, raspberrys, blueberrys, whortleberrys (alot like huckle berrys only smaller), and all other berrys as far i am concerned. ^_^
  7. K

    when was the last time you had a donut?

    this is random but i was just wondering. there was probably something like this before but it's something to talk about right? any way last time i had a donut was about March last year. since i havent had them recently just the smell makes me sick.
  8. K

    i'm new help me out

    hey, my brother told me to join because i'm interested in furries and it sounds like fun and i am willing to be friends with just about any one. so contact me if you want to be friends. i like to go for hikes and read fantasy books, i like to draw, and chat with friends, i also like my cats and...