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  1. kartracer76

    Local furry houses and a possible new one

    Local furry houses Let's get a thread going about our favourite furry houses, ones we want to visit or plans to start one! Maybe even recomendations to others who are looking into starting one, local furry houses. Anything really. I've got my own plans :D
  2. kartracer76

    New to the site and to the fandom!

    Hey everyone! My name's Zac, or you can call me kartracer/kart. As the post title says, I'm rather new to the furry fandom. I've been a furry for about 8 months and have come to enjoy the people involved in the fandom quite a lot. I'm a huge motorsports fan and I also race cars myself. I'm...
  3. kartracer76

    Motorsports general

    Hey all! I'm just wondering if there are any other furries who are avid motorsports fans or who also race cars like myself! I raced go-karts in Canada for 6 years and did pretty well, I was ranked 7th in the country and finished 11th at the national championship in 2009. Seen as one of the...
  4. kartracer76

    Fursona request

    Hello everyone! Seeing as I am quite new to the furry fandom I have yet to procure a fursona! I've been trying to get one for the past 8 months or so but it seems that the people I have been dealing with are rather adverse to drawing one for me. I comissioned, -COMISSIONED- a friend of mine who...