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  1. Slayn

    I stabbed myself

    cut myself clean to the bone hurt like shit and I have to type with one hand because of it. what is your most painful thing thats ever happened. (by the way thats not mine it just hurts, mine is I got hit by a car.)
  2. Slayn

    New Avatar

    quick question I have noticed people getting avatars of themselves in the forum (fender) fox suit just wondering where in the world that came from.
  3. Slayn

    Happy furry day!

    yes a day to celebrate furries and I am serious it is a official holiday so happy furry day everyone.
  4. Slayn

    furries from north carolina

    I know there are several of these but I just have to see whos here with me.
  5. Slayn

    my first fursuiting

    I call it that even though all i did was get into a white rabbit costume from alice in wonderland to serve champagne to overly fancy idiots. But all in all it was totally worth it because it felt good.
  6. Slayn

    The furry actor game

    first you think of an actor and ask the next person what they he would be and its not only actors can be normal people or game characters. ex. first guy: jackie chan guy under him: a dragon Zelda so on so forth I'll begin The pope
  7. Slayn

    wolf shootings

    recently I heard something terrible :shock: go to - callofftheguns.org and stop the shooting
  8. Slayn

    hey new guy in town

    hey names slayn I just joined today I am a black wolf (canis lupis) and I'd love to meet some people