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  1. Arck

    I'm not creative for a nice title, so I'll just go with a "Hello."

    Welcome to the forums :) It's sad to hear that you had bad beginning with a fandom but i hope you have a good time here I suggest you create a fursona because it's a lot of fun and it will kinda help you understand furries more Aaaaaaaaaaaand good luck with meeting new people
  2. Arck

    Does anyone on here like dark humor?

    Dark humor is like a kid with cancer It never gets old Where is the majority of the Jews? In the atmosphere What is the difference between a Jew and a pizza? Pizza doesn't scream in the oven Why children in Africa spend more time outdoors than other children? Because mom doesn't call them...
  3. Arck

    $5-$10 sketches! - One slot left!

    Sorry that I'm writing it here but i want to tell you that you have an amazing style. I love it Unfortunately I don't have money but if I'll have any i will definitely request smth from you And welcome to the forums :)
  4. Arck

    How do you Make a Feral an Anthro?

    Idk if it will help but here is an artwork of my fursona as feral and anthro you can use as reference Made by Noxll
  5. Arck

    Does anyone on here like dark humor?

    Oh thank you :D
  6. Arck

    Does anyone on here like dark humor?

    I really like black humor or just edgy jokes. I know a lot of them and they're way more funny than normal jokes For example: What is inedible part of the vegetable? Respirator
  7. Arck

    What's your dream job?

    Scientist (chemist or physicist) But the best thing will be getting paid for doing nothing
  8. Arck

    What was the first thing you heared about this fandom

    Before i joined this fandom (like 2 months ago xD) i knew only that furries are people who wear animal costumes and like porn. Than when i came across some wideos on YouTube hating on furries i searched some things about them and it ended up with me joining the fandom
  9. Arck

    Fursona- how do I do it and what does it do.

    I think that weasel is very interesting choice (in a good way), i like it. Also remeber that you can make hybrid fursonas what will make your sona more original (but be careful not to end up with astral gold jelly-fish-panda mix as you said before) and you are able to mix personality traits from...
  10. Arck

    Do we have any guardians here?

    *apply cold water to burned area* XD I'm not gonna start an argument here and I respect your opinion but I'm really enjoying this game
  11. Arck

    any other furries classical musicians?

    Not really. Just enjoying it in general
  12. Arck

    Anyone from Central Europe?

    Anyone from Central Europe? What country exactly are you from? Double points if you're from Poland :)
  13. Arck

    any other furries classical musicians?

    I can't play any instrument but i LOVE listening to classical music (especially violin)
  14. Arck

    any other furries into sneakers?/warzone thread

    I'm so into shoes, more into sweatshirts but I really like my new balance and k-swiss shoes
  15. Arck

    How did you pick a name for your fursona?

    My name is Arck That's because my favorite name is Aaron and i like books from Rick Riordan so I combined those names and poof! Here i am
  16. Arck

    How did you pick your fursona species?

    Foxes and dogs (huskies) are just my favourite animals and i think they suit me :)
  17. Arck

    Do you have any Uncommon Phobias?

    I have thalassophobia- phobia of big deep oceans and dont knowing whats is under you, depths and bottom of the sea I have also needle phobia and megalophobia- phobia of large things
  18. Arck

    Do we have any guardians here?

    Is anyone here playing destiny? If yes write what's your calss, what subclass do you play the most, on what do you play, what do you think about Rise of Iron and so on. Write what do you like and what's your opinion on this game (I'm hunter and i like to play every subclass btw)
  19. Arck

    Freebies needed for my future commission

    Is there any place for full body request? If yes i will send details