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  1. Furrylover571

    10-15$ commissons of ANYTHING

    I am looking for an aritist that isnt afraid to draw anything. I am willing to pay up to 20$ i will only hire artists that are in the united states. Please PM me if yoi are interested. I am also looking for graphic comics.
  2. Furrylover571

    Furry Conventions in Michigan?

    so does anyone know if there are furry conventions in either Michigan, Ohio or Indianna? My friend and i are convinced that there is only the one in Pennsylvania. We have searched the web and we couldnt find anything.
  3. Furrylover571

    do you ever wish that you were a furry

    have you ever wanted to become a furry even if it was only for a day?
  4. Furrylover571

    I am new

    I am new and i hope to havd fun and meet new people ^^