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  1. rachelmaduroart

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: WEIRD SPACE CATS FOR SALE $15 to $20

    Hey you! Yeah you! I have smuggled these VARIOUS SPACE CATS at great expense from rifts in space time across the universe. Forged in the heat death of lost universes, SPACE CATS are the only creature fully capable of grasping eternity. They are loyal, they are curious and exist entirely on a...
  2. rachelmaduroart

    Hiring: ($35+) NSFW office setting. Possibly 2 characters. ($30-60obo)

    Hey! My name is Rachel. I can help you out. Check out nsfw pieces here! https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/rachelmaduroart/folder/929004/lewd I can do a flat color nsfw piece with two characters for 60 dollars
  3. rachelmaduroart

    Hiring: ($50+) Loonatics Unleashed nsfw art

    Hey there! My name is rachel. I could do a flat color nsfw piece of Tech for 45 dollars if you're interested. If youd like to add a second character it would be 60 dollars. If you want to see my nsfw art you can find it here! let me know if I can help...
  4. rachelmaduroart

    (Commission) Selling: ($75+) Looking for NSFW couple art (humanoid)

    Hello I can do a flat color NSFW piece with two characters for 60 dollars. Send me a message and let me know what youre looking for
  5. rachelmaduroart

    Hiring: ($100+) Looking for an artist to help with character design (closed)

    Hey there! Heres my prices! hit me up. Ive drawn robots and ive drawn bees. The weird beholder thing is my most recent piece and it should give you and idea of the quality to expect if you go for the full shaded version.
  6. rachelmaduroart

    Survey - Orientation and furries in general

    Bi woman. its gotta be way more than 50 percent.
  7. rachelmaduroart

    Playin ff14

    Playin ff14
  8. rachelmaduroart

    Worm Representation

    dope color scheme
  9. rachelmaduroart

    Worm Representation

    I would die for them
  10. rachelmaduroart

    Monster Hunter based fursonas?

    Ive always really liked the Pukei Pukei design. I should do something with that. Weird lil goobers