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    Hangout? Dayton Ohio.

    Hello. My name is Balron, and I am an member of KY furs. I'm going to be hanging out with my wife in Dayton on Saturday, October 8. Do any furries live in the Dayton area that wouldn't mind hanging out? I'm going to be going to the Wilberforce area with my wife early in the morning and...
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    Any furries in creole country? new orlens i mean.

    I am looking to associate with any furries who wanna draw down in new orleans. I am recently married but still want to talk to furries. I am alsolooking to see if there are any people who know good areas to tour in the city. We have 4 vacation days. :3. I am also looking for inspirations to...
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    "Not a Furry Page"

    Would anyone be partial to a page on furaffinity's website called "Not a Furry." It would be a page dedicated to all the artists in the fandom who don't draw specifically furry characters, or don't draw them at all, and the constant need for them as the fandom has a variety of artists and...
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    Balron come up from the summoning circle:3

    Lolz. Not really, but I just signed on here today because I'm having problems loading my pics on the site all of a sudden. I hope that there aren't too many updates to where I can't load up art right now. But anyway, about me--I am a talented painter/graphic designer in Bowling Green KY, and...