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    Could furries help bring global unity to North Korea after the inevitable opening of the country?

    I'm sure that a lot of you immediately want to ask what I'm on and where to get it. The answer to that is Higher Education! You see, I took a lot of Asian studies classes back in the day. And one of the most fascinating ideas in that particular avenue to me is Korean-Japanese relations in the...
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    Shark furries: head fins, ears, and/or hair?

    So, I'm wrapping up one fursuit partial project and have noticed that Shark furries don't get as much love in the realm of fursuits. So I figured I'd have a backburner Shark head project, but in looking up stuff on shark fur trends, things are all over the map! There are tons of shark/canine...
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    Dealing with the kinks in this fandom?

    Before I go anywhere with this, I need to specify something- I have some health stuff that, among other things, makes me nauseous. A lot. And vomiting for me is pretty easily triggered- I'm involuntarily vomiting a few times a week. So, when I say I have a strong aversion to, say, Vore art, I'm...
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    Painterly Feral/Anthropomorphic portrait art

    I am currently available for digital paintings of non-human entities, (I am not in the market for doing human portraits at the moment) in the painterly style as seen in my gallery images. I am fine with any variety of critter- Feral, anthropomorphic, non-mammalian, etc. Have some...
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    Being "Fur Ace"

    So, I'm rather new to the furry fandom as a whole, but as I've come to steadily gain knowledge on this community, I've found that I'm identifying specifically with a term I call, "Fur Ace." To understand what this means, I feel like I should share a bit of myself. Firstly, I am a nonsexual...