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    Looking for Competent Roleplayers

    Basically what the header says. I'm looking for some people I can do story writing with, since it's been far too long since I've worked with anyone on a good story. However, I don't just roleplay with anyone. There are some criteria, but they should be easy to follow for any true writer: I...
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    Wondering if there's any Ohio Furs out There

    Obviously I live in Ohio, otherwise this topic wouldn't make much sense. I keep hearing that there's a lot of furries here in OH, yet I've never met one in real life and have only met one online. It's not like I even have high definitions for what a furry is; I go by the definition of...
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    Hardest to find game

    For a long time now I have been searching for a game that is well-known by many furs, but is so hard to find that it might as well be sealed inside the Ark of the Covenant. I'm talking about Tail Tale, the slightly yiffy adventure game that is only in japanese. I have looked everywhere, and...
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    New Guy Here

    Hi, my name's Spirit. I used to go to FA a couple months ago, but then left and now I'm back. I wasn't really active back then, so this is really more like a delayed start than an actual return. Anyway, a little bit about myself: -My character wears a skirt, even though he's a boy :B -I...