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    NSFW 4 Day Auction <3

    Bidding will be held on FurAffinity Only: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/16544758/ Another YCH :3 Bidding price Slot 1 (Blue) $20.00 USD Bidding price Slot 2 (Pink) $20.00 USD Buy Out Prices Slot 1 (Blue) $100.00 USD Buy Out Price Slot 2 Pink $100.00 USD Rules: 1. Bidding must be serious...
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    Prices Starting as low as $20 USD!

    You like furries!? I draw furries! What more is there to talk about! [COMMISSIONS OPEN] Hay Guys and Gals! I just wanted to through out there that I'm selling my art and it can start as low as 20 dollars USD depending on the type Commission you're asking for! vvv You can check my prices...
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    Getting started!

    Hello everybody! So I have a few requests I'm taking to get started you can check my art here https://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/agito-savra/ to see if you are interested in my art! I have multiple commission types and different prices, I have a few examples of my art style an my FA so...