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  1. Z

    Furs by state/province/other

    Washington, Missouri. 45 min. Away from St. Louis.
  2. Z

    A tip when uploading stories to FA...

    I have a great appreciation for literature. I do understand why it would be better to upload poems as a text file but text files are the worst type of file when it comes to stories. It degenerates the english language and disables important techniques for setting moods and foreshadowing. Im all...
  3. Z

    Names Zeekial, Zeek for short

    i just LOVE music thats all
  4. Z

    Names Zeekial, Zeek for short

    i think with windows IM i can add/talk to yahoo IM applicants
  5. Z

    Names Zeekial, Zeek for short

    wait cant u read them if they're not mature? If so i can rewrite my Protector series its clean.
  6. Z

    Names Zeekial, Zeek for short

    Instruments are clarinet, mellophone, guitar, base guitar, piano/keyboard, drums, and almost all other percussion instruments. As for adult stories, yes i write them but if you want i can start up the Protector series again. Come on Im not going to be all adult. :D
  7. Z

    Names Zeekial, Zeek for short

    oh. Im a guy :D i guess Zeek can be a girls name. On FA i have a _ so its Zeek_fox. Only one story posted and its adult and i was rushed so its probably not even close to my best. and Yay! msn buddies.
  8. Z

    DO today's cartoons suck?

    I watch boomerange but there is no escaping the bad cartoons.... i miss the good ones so much! *goes to look for season disks of good cartoons*
  9. Z

    Names Zeekial, Zeek for short

    Well the thread is my name just call me Zeek, I'm a red fox with a gray left paw. I'm 19 energetic most the time, kinda flirtatious, and love to talk to people on msn. (when adding me tell me if you like "mature" talking, i rather wouldn't like scaring you). I'm a writer and i would post...
  10. Z

    in my pants game

    Cold in my pants Bicycle in my pants Great Balls of Fire in my pants (don't ask) Timebomb in my pants Through the wrong door in my pants Rise and Shine in my pants Headstrong in my pants Hands open in my pants Starfucker incorportated in my pants Assassin in my pants Scrumshious in my...