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  1. TheARashi

    Free Art: Free Art Raffle running on Twitter (SFW/NSFW applicable)

    Follow the link for rules and details:
  2. TheARashi

    Free Art: Taking suggestions for characters for patreon poll

    I'm currently looking to the public for characters for a character piece I'm going to do for my Patreon this coming month. The only rule is no personal OCs or FCs ( unless they've been currently trending on social media*coughmandolorianbabecough*). You can see my work here...
  3. TheARashi

    Art Trade: Taking SFW or NSFW trades (limited)(Closed for now)

    I'm feeling a little lax and and willing to take up some art trades for some characters of mine. I'm willing to do pieces with up to two characters, but will only take three trade requests for now. Once the trade queue i full, this thread will close. I will let everyone know when I decide to...
  4. TheARashi

    Free Art: Art Raffle (closes at 200 followers)

    I am nearing 200 followers on this site, and decided to do a raffle. Follow the link below for details, and also consider either commissioning, giving a ko-fi, or pledging to my patreon as well (These are not required to join the raffle) www.furaffinity.net: Road to 200 Followers Raffle (OPEN)...
  5. TheARashi

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Unlimited Underwater YCH (SFW/NSFW-optional) (Fixed price starting at $30)

    Summer has begun and decided to reopen a YCH ideal for the season. If interested, send a DM or note on FA www.furaffinity.net: Unlimited Underwater YCH by TheArashi www.furaffinity.net: Unlimited Underwater YCH by TheArashi www.furaffinity.net: Unlimited Underwater YCH by TheArashi
  6. TheARashi

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Hot Vacation YCH Picture set (Slots starting at $30)(FLAT prices)(SFW/NSFW)(9 Slots left)

    selling some slots for my Hot Vacation YCH set, just in time for summer! Come get slots to break into the summer heat! Set 01:Vacation 01- Wish you were Here - YCH.art (This YCH can be SFW at buyer's discretion) (4/4 Slots OPEN) Set 02:Vacation 02 - Deep Dive - YCH.art (2/4 Slots OPEN) Set...
  7. TheARashi

    Looking to get ideas for YCHs

    I'm just looking to see what the general concensus looks for when they see or decide to look for YCHs to purchase. What is the first thing that people look for first? -Prices? -Themes? -Auction or fixed payment? For anyone who has done or gotten a YCH, can you reply here to give ideas on how I...
  8. TheARashi

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Hot Vacation YCH Picture Set (SFW/NSFW) starting at $35)

    I'm selling slots for a YCH picture set. There are four planned pics (primarily NSFW) with two pics up at the moment that can be bid for at a fair price. Once all four YCHs are up, I will also offer slots that can be bought for a slightly higher but flat price. www.furaffinity.net: Hot Vacation...
  9. TheARashi

    Free Art: OC art requests (SFW and NSFW)(CLOSED for now)(limited)

    (PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE COMMENTING) I'm feeling a little uninspired and decided I want to get some OC art done. I'm taking SFW and NSFW requests, but there's just one catch: I want to draw more art of my OCs as well, so I would like people to make requests only if they don't mind the idea of...
  10. TheARashi

    Free Art: OC Comment Raffle (SFW and NSFW) (Closed for now)

    Gonna try something interesting. I feel in the mood to create some new OCs, and to get the brain rolling, I'd like to get some ideas from anyone on the forum using this trending prompt below. Anyone can comment up to three times in accordance to the prompt below. And to make things interesting...
  11. TheARashi

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Adoptable Auction - SB $40

    Currently have some old character designs up for bids. Bids will open January 22 to give potential buyers time to see if they want these characters. More designs will appear in the future. I could use some funds to continue my work, so do bid considerably Adoptable OC 1 (SB $40) - YCH.art...
  12. TheARashi

    Art Trade: Looking to take up trades (SFW/NSFW)

    Hello world! So while looking for more commission opportunities, I'm looking to take up art trades to connect with more artists and possible clients. You can find my page below to see my style: Userpage of TheArashi -- Fur Affinity [dot] net turnarounds for trades can vary depending on...
  13. TheARashi

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Beach Lounger YCH (SFW/NSFW)(starting price $20)

    With the hot weather still persisting, I currently have a YCH available with various options applicable for those looking to imagine being on a cool beach with a hot comanion. I want to at least be able to pay for software expenses this month. For more information and a look, follow the link...
  14. TheARashi

    (Commission) Selling: SFW/NSFW Commissions - Character art/Short Comics/Video slates starting at $5

    Hey there, I'm currently open for both SFW and NSFW commissions my rates and services can be seen below (mostly doing character art) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vF8Qsh4LULAoTciRhED8dlaQ5GGh64czDDJAB4_0LFI/edit?usp=sharing and you find my work here: Artwork Gallery for TheArashi -- Fur...