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  1. Closer-To-The-Sun

    Looking for artist(s) to draw characters

    Hello all. I'm seeking someone to draw my five main characters for a story I'm working on. Since my artistic talent is almost non-existent (there is some, but not what I want for this), I'm seeking out and hoping someone would be interested in taking part. It can just be simple sketches, or...
  2. Closer-To-The-Sun


    I figured this place was around here, just had to find it Hello all! I finally made my way into the fandom. I had a friend who slowly introduced me into the the furry fandom and I finally am here. I'm a SoCal native, a music aficionado, regular convention attendee, brony, cosplayer, and other...
  3. Closer-To-The-Sun

    Would anyone like to rate my first fursona?

    Okay, I won't lie, I'm very nervous about my first fursona. This is mostly because Jonsi is a bit of a proxy of myself if I were a bear. Anyway, after almost a year of planning (mostly trying to pick a single animal), I present Jonsi: First art of Jonsi, drawn by SpiritMachine, not myself...
  4. Closer-To-The-Sun

    Seeking artist to draw my fursona (possible trade?)

    So, I have just finished up my fursona, Jonsi, and I am hoping to get some art of him. Now, I should point out that I don't have much cash at the moment, so I am open to just about any and all art offered. I am willing to do a trade of either art or writing (examples of art can be found here and...