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  1. Arck

    Anyone from Central Europe?

    Anyone from Central Europe? What country exactly are you from? Double points if you're from Poland :)
  2. Arck

    Do we have any guardians here?

    Is anyone here playing destiny? If yes write what's your calss, what subclass do you play the most, on what do you play, what do you think about Rise of Iron and so on. Write what do you like and what's your opinion on this game (I'm hunter and i like to play every subclass btw)
  3. Arck

    Art request (free)

    Hi, im Arck and im looking for an artist who will make a first artwork of my fursona (nothing special, just to see how it looks and maybe change something) This is a description He is a fox-huskie male (body of a fox with huskie tail). His torso is blue with white stomach. He has one horizontal...
  4. Arck

    What do you think?

    Hi, im new in furry fandom and i just created my own fursona. I want to know your opinion on it. Sorry but i dont have any artwork of it (because i cant draw) and sorry if i have mistakes (english is not my first language) Name: Arck Spieces: Fox- dog (huskie) Gender: male Sexuality: bi How he...