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  1. Kaodylee

    Well hi!

    No I don't really have any art yet. I'm still working on drawing it, and learning about the furry anatomy.
  2. Kaodylee

    How would you raise your kids?

    I would probably make sure they were raised to accept people. I would make sure that they wouldn't be mean to people who are a little outside the normal social boundary's. I might also get my kid comfortable with nerd things and stuff. I would love coming up with ways to surprise them and find...
  3. Kaodylee

    Nice to have you as a friend man. :D

    Nice to have you as a friend man. :D
  4. Kaodylee

    Looking for Co-Author and Co-Illustrator

    I've always found myself to be good at writing, It's something I can do and I'm a hell of a lot better at it than drawing. Message me if you think I can help dude.
  5. Kaodylee

    Well hi!

    Well my hobbies could consist of video games, drawing, and playing magic the gathering. As for DEFCON, I've never heard of it. I'll defiantly learn about it. Also I love learning about technology. I'm somewhat of a techie.
  6. Kaodylee

    Randon Question. :>

    If you've just married one, then congrats! Was it a shotgun wedding? As for what you should do? Maybe go on your honey moon? You don't have to pay for air-fair with a griffin mate! Now making them happy? That's quite the puzzling question, you married them so your probably the best person to ask...
  7. Kaodylee

    What Do You Hate About the Body

    I personally hate snoring, you might annoy people with yours or they might annoy you with theirs. I used to snore a lot my self, and I found out it was because I couldn't breath in the middle of the night. My tonsils were too big and my tongue would fall back in my throat and block off my...
  8. Kaodylee

    Well hi!

    Hello fellow furs and I'm new, obviously. I became interested in the furry fandom about three months ago when I saw there was gonna be a fur con near me. I've had a fur friend who I thought was really freaky for the longest time. Being new is interesting and I haven't made any fur friends online...