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  1. Felidire

    Creating new webcomic, looking for art & writing buddy.

  2. Felidire

    Research suggests, men are smarter than women

    Oddly enough, within this fandom the males seem more emotional/irrational, and the females more logical to me.
  3. Felidire

    Opinions on bronies??

    If they're incapable of acting in a rational and mature manner, yes. At the very least they could shrug it off as ignorance, and avoid stooping one level lower and reciprocating with ad hominem retorts; all that does it justify said brushstroke. From what I've seen, furries are a lot better at...
  4. Felidire

    Opinions on bronies??

    Sadly, every single brony I've had the displeasure of encountering has had a rather toxic personality; be it hateful, thin-skinned & ignorant, or just plain cringe worthy. That tarnishes my overall opinion of them. I'm assuming the furry fandom is much larger, yet for a handful of toxic furs...
  5. Felidire

    What's Your Personality Type?

    If personalities did change, then typological systems like this would be completely worthless (I guess it's kind of like saying "Jesus isn't real", or "satan/god are the same entity, it's a conspiracy!" to a religious fanatic). XD The body is incredibly efficient, it doesn't waste space...
  6. Felidire

    What's Your Personality Type?

    INFP-A 90% Introverted 71% Intuitive 56% Feeling 69% Prospecting (hello~ :3) 59% Assertive The test structure appears to be based on Keirsey Temperament, rather than Myers-Briggs. Extroverted results are universal, but for any Ixxx result, switching the J/P at the end will probably give the...
  7. Felidire

    Trouble creating unique fursona/scalesona

    Use reference, but avoid looking at other people's art too much during the design process; I find it kills creativity, and some might even find themselves discouraged at how talented others appear to be. I'd imagine most don't get their fursona 100% right on the first attempt, rather it...
  8. Felidire

    Looking to commish a super realistic animal (feline) portrait

    By "realistic" I mean nigh indistinguishable from a photograph, but with a touch of nmfdbfgf I dunno what to call it? XD Random Google examples: (That first URL really captures the ambience) http://cache.desktopnexus.com/thumbnails/969290-bigthumbnail.jpg...
  9. Felidire


    I don't imagine the ones with sequential jaw closing would be able to chew with their mouths closed (they'd have a hard enough time simply chewing for that matter!) XD Considering the sheer number of canines/vulpines/felines, I imagine that a good 75% or more of furries would eat like this at a...
  10. Felidire

    Misheard song lyrics

    This one cracked me up the first time I found it. and surely everyone has seen the benny lava one by now. ~ "Gay marriage... The guilt! Introduce himself to c*nts of total loneliness!" ~ "In the mouth, of her first... butthole! With smog-filled rebellion." ~ "I get no towel, but I get up...
  11. Felidire


    Is there's no "Remember Me" option anymore? The damn thing keeps on logging me out, rofl.
  12. Felidire

    Furfags by age

    Gotta love the arbitrary age range on these polls, it's always either: "Yeah! I landed in the 20-25 category I feel mature!" or an "ah crap, I got thrown into the 15-20 category; I feel prepubescent all over again. >_>" ..That's a 20 ~