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  1. Slayn

    what would happen if your family found out...

    pretty much anyone who knows me knows I'm a furry.
  2. Slayn

    Favorite music genre?

    rock, arena rock, and classic rock.
  3. Slayn

    The essence of being a furry

    I enjoyed the read but you just created the famous furry fandom drama thread.
  4. Slayn

    Be part of a Poll if you want

    random polls are always appreciated.
  5. Slayn

    Trying to keep with the times

    damn you, youtube But I love your art zen.
  6. Slayn

    Abusing thread.

    my clothes, my games, my phone, my guitar, my bed, just about everything. oh and I once wore the same pair of clothes for 6 weeks
  7. Slayn

    Choose your exicution!!

    It would have to be something I would enjoy like death by: chocolate, music, yiff, furry porn, or free falling.
  8. Slayn

    How furry are you?

    all around furry I even use furry words and sounds in real conversations.
  9. Slayn

    You know your a FurFag...

    you know you're a furfag when you watch a sci-fi movie and get a boner.
  10. Slayn

    Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

    I just lost a piece of my soul.
  11. Slayn

    What other Subcultures do you belong to?

    crazy rock addict, that weird guy, pinnapple, (don't ask) hippie.
  12. Slayn

    You know your a FurFag...

    You know you're a furfag if your friend says "dude, that was totally gay" and you then go on a five minute rant about it.
  13. Slayn

    How Did YOU become a fur?

    I did screen plays in my mind about charaters who were furry and I looked it up on the interenet one day and found out that i was not alone.
  14. Slayn

    Furry Comedians

    I once did a stand up on a cruise boat where I told a couple of furry jokes.
  15. Slayn

    Fursona Main Theme Songs! =D

    love peace and music - yde
  16. Slayn

    Do you like animals?

    the only animal that I don't love is the cat, I do like them they just don't like me back.
  17. Slayn

    What is your favourite weapon?

    I've never had a favorite weapon. I'll go with whatever looks coolest for 800 alex.
  18. Slayn

    Against The Grain: Furs Who Break The Stereotypes

    I am a wolf but go against the wolf stereotype, Because I have never had a bad ass moment in my life and I am about as happy as physically possible and alot of the time I am happy for no reason. (its probably the lols.)
  19. Slayn

    Random Furry Sightings

    no encounters, but when I was up in yellowstone I heard over the radio there was a convention only 10 miles away from us. I wanted to sneak away so bad.
  20. Slayn

    Fursona´s Voice

    tenor level wiht a hint of happiness