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    Full colored art trade

    For an exchange of zee arts, you will get a watercolored rendition of whatever you please. All I ask for is a very good sketch, inked, or colored rendition of my bear fursona. I will give you quite a bit of freedom in this, meaning that if you have an idea for how to draw my fursona, I'll let...
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    Wireless Problems

    I am using a NETGEAR wireless adapter my power went a little funny a bit ago but now it seems to be working for every other gadget in the house except for mine. My iPod and my Windows XP will not connect to the internet, although the wireless adapter is fine (as you can tell by my being online)...
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    Dear Cat Owners of FA

    My fiance has an adorable little kitty named Kokito. Yes, like Toquito. He was his stepmom's cat but the stepmom abandoned him at his place so now Kokito is convinced my fiance is his daddy and he loves him way too much to be seperated from him, so we both decided that when we move in...
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    Fox Glove The Corgi

    Name: Fox Glove Age: 18 Sex: Female Species: Cardigan Corgi Height:5'0" Weight: about 200 lbs (fat fur) Appearance: - Hair and fur: Her hair is brunette, in the summer months it can be lighter and almost blonde. Her fur is a cream colored and yellowish tan. - Markings: something like...
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    Possible Fursona Change, You Decide!

    My current fursona is a fox/bat/cat hybrid that is playful, colorful, and perhaps lazy and emotional. But some of my friends pointed out the other week that my personality traits and general looks are more in tune with a dog. I asked what breed and many people have agreed on Corgi. So...
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    OC Sketches

    Hell these sketches are pretty quick especially if I enjoy it. So taking up 3 more slots! 1. bobby123 (done) 2. syl (done) 3. Spicy Strawberry (done) 4. Barak (done) 5. Zweihander (done) 6. Captain Spyro 7. Ladyfaegassr Give me a picture or extremely well detailed reference of your character...
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    Fox Glove, your friendly neighborhood nonsensical hybrid!

    Name: Fox Glove Age: 18 Sex: Female Species: Hybrid Fox/Cat/Bat Height: 5'0" Weight: 200 lbs (fat, like my IRL self) Significant other: Brandon, he's a wolf dog. :> Orientation: Bisexual, doesn't really like dating wimminz. (Sorry ladies) Appearance: Large Hips and Large bust, about a 36 or 38...
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    Ryh Doing Free Art on Livestream

    This is a plug for Ryh He's doing a ustream with free line art This is his journal and here is the ustream He will do FREE LINE ART, but only for a limited time and only first come, first serve!
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    Julian Blue the Ragdoll cat

    My fursona is pretty true to myself, in terms of hairstyle and height and weight. Things like eye color and species and hair color are things that are different, along with the fact that IRL I'm not allowed to wear the clothing I'd like to. Personality is pretty much myself as well. I try to be...
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    Looking for someone to draw Julian

    I'd like Julian drawn, there are no pictures of her and I'm strapped for cash! So yes, draw Julian, you can draw her sitting, standing, just no naughty stuff please! I'd preferred colored but if you can give me a sketch, line art, anything that would be awesome. And if you can only chock up...
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    Share with us your epic burns, whether it happened to you or you did it to someone. I have a very special one today. We were talking about lesbians in spanish and I was quite curious, seeing as I had no idea there were lesbians. So I asked, "Wait if there's lesbians at this school why...
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    !!!!EM PLAH

    !!!EM PLEH EKOJ A TON SI SIHT PLAH SDRAWKCAB GNIEPYT SI SMROF TENRETNI YM NO GNIHTYREVE EDIT: Oh okay I fix'd it but anyone mind enlightening me onto why firefox decided to have a retard moment? >:E
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    Hottest chick/dude in your opinion

    Okay so it's simple, tell us who you think is the sexiest person to have ever lived and why. I guess it could be fictional if you want, and you can include pics with your post (just make sure they are not ginormous please and link if it's not pg-13 with a NSFW notice) It can totally be...
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    Poetry For Critique

    I'm not much of a story writer so instead you get some poetry. Feel free to critique. Also feel free to ask questions about metaphors, symbols, and other such things and I'll do my best to explain it. No, they are not furry poems. A Little Bottle Marked "N" I. I remember a time when I...
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    ALICE Bot.

    So post your conversations with the ALICE bot or other chat bots here and feel free to comment on them. They can say some amusing things sometimes. ALICE: How old are you? Human: 16 ALICE: You are too old for me. Human: what does that mean? ALICE: Does "that" refer to " You are too...
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    Orgasmic Foods

    Before anyone says BUTTSEX when I post this topic I mean food that practically makes you moan in delight when you eat it, food that makes your mouth just water thinking about it. I'm a food lover and also a chef, but there are some dishes that just take the cake, so to speak, but really in no...
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    Color Scheme.

    Now I just kinda started thinking about it and my fursona's color scheme is really sort of all over the place. Not very monochromatic or anything. In fact, I think it's a little unappealing to the eyes and especially difficult to do with the traditional means I'm using now. So while I was...
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    So how do you spend lunch FA? Do you sit with certain people? Do you have a job, go out to eat? Any fantastic lunch stories you'd like to share? Lunch is that awesome time of day you get a break and get to socialize. I find some of the most amusing and lulzworthy things out of my day come from...
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    A Request I Have.

    I would like my fursona Rose drawn, wearing a fedora hat, pinstripe jacket, and black slacks. I want her to be holding a sparkler and in a playful mischievious dance-like pose with an insane grin on her face. The jacket should be buttoned down and show some cleavage, some important details...
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    On April 9th it is the first National Sing on your way to class day! I'm fucking doing this shit, spread the word so I won't look too retarded when I twirl down the halls singing Frank Sinatra