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  1. Prowler

    you shave your fur?

    I havent shaved in a few months...look like a bloody mountain man. made a bet that im not allowed to shave until new years. beard is kinda nice when its cold out though
  2. Prowler


  3. Prowler

    Calling all furries in cold places! We need you!

    as soon as it snows here again, i will get on this one!
  4. Prowler

    Dakota Furr's Post Here!

    yep im here, my fur is getting all wet in the rain but im here. theres 1 or 2 more of us here if they see the post...
  5. Prowler

    "Hi, I'm New" :B

  6. Prowler

    Haro Thar

    Welcome! feel free to ask me any ?'s or chat w/ me anytime!
  7. Prowler

    college furs

    north dakota state university...hail the bison!
  8. Prowler

    Do you believe in love?

    yes I do, and i hope to find it someday
  9. Prowler

    Hi hi!

    Welcome to the forums! feel free to make yourself at home, and you can msg me anytime if u have any ?'s or just wana chat
  10. Prowler

    Hey there~.

  11. Prowler

    Wandering Minstrel

    welcome to FA! *hands u cookie* make urself at home
  12. Prowler

    I'm writing a "paper" on what a "furry" is... need feedback.

    you have a great paper started, is this for a school project or just for yourself/fun? PM sent...
  13. Prowler

    Were you furry Before even knowing what furry is?

    I only liked movies and stories with animal characters when i was younger and the lion king remains my favorite movie to this day, and I always played animal characters when I was younger, so yes I have been a furry since birth even though I just found out this year...
  14. Prowler

    nervous kitty

  15. Prowler

    Hello Everyone

  16. Prowler

    The Beatles

    true fact...bob dylan(a god) got the beatles into pot. it was in a hotel in NYC i beleive.
  17. Prowler

    Hammer in my hand

    welcome aboard! feel free to IM me if u ever wana chat or have ?'s
  18. Prowler

    Woof Woof

    welcome to the forums!
  19. Prowler

    Same Fursona?

    Havent been around long, but been the same since the start!
  20. Prowler

    hows it go'n, eh?